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About Prabir Ghose.
I was born in 1944, and retired from service in 2004 as a Senior Manager of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Nasik. In the course of my career spanning 37 years, I have traveled extensively to different parts of the country, interacted with people from all walks of life and formed opinions on various aspects of our Indian culture. My travel experiences are published in various prestigious blog sites of the World (national and international) and are available on the internet. These are written under the names of ‘Prabir Ghose’.

My writing career of started when I was 14 years old – my first story was in English (the Mortal Combat, the Sunday Statesman in 1958). This was followed by another story in the Times of India in 1962 (the Second attempt). Subsequently, I switched over to Bengali and, as on date, have over 150 short stories, novelettes to my credit. I was also the Editor of a Bengali magazine ‘Naba Nalanda’, published from Nasik in Maharastra. My pen name in Bengali is ‘Kali Kinkar Karmakar’.

I am a resident of Nashik. My blog is available on

Responses from Prabir Ghose on blogging follows…..

eNewss:- “rediscovering india” is your blog name. What was or is the true face of India
that is lost? What and how are you trying to rediscover?
Prabir:-The true face of India lay in her centuries old civilization, Indians were known for their hospitality, they boasted of being the first in many fields – the flying chariots of the mythologies proves that the thinking of Indians was way ahead of others. Still, today, we find ourselves invariably at the lower end of lists, except corruption. We have lost our sense of values and have surrendered to the charms of evil.When I started the blog ‘Rediscovering India’ in 2004, I wanted to share my experiences of different parts of the country that I have visited and seen through my eyes. The initial set of posts was modeled on these lines: the places, the cultures, the people, the cuisine, festivals etcetera. Later I discovered that India is seen by people from different angles and I was reminded of the elephant and the four blind men. The rediscovering process continues even to this day and, after more than 900 posts in a span of little over two years, I feel that I have seen just the tip of the iceberg.

eNewss:- You post on an average one post per day. You cover all issues that
matter India and Indians. Are you saying that India has too many issues to
justfy one or more blog posts per day? If that is not the case, why do you
blog more than anybody?
Prabir:-There are so many things happening all around us everyday in various spheres – movies, sports, politics, religion, education. If it comes to that, I would love to post a piece everyday on each of these issues. I want to share my views with as many people as possible – I am too small a fry to make a huge difference but there is no harm in trying to mould the thinking of Indians on positive lines.

eNewss:- How do you pick topics to blog on?
Prabir:-As I mentioned, topics are being thrown up continuously. The TV news channels provide ideas, as do the accompanying ads – these are sources of inspiration. Then there are the newspapers and personal experiences apart from issues of topical interest like festivals.

eNewss:- Most bloggers blog to register their opinion and to have an online
presence. Why do you blog?
Prabir:-To let off steam – I feel disturbed when something happens that should not happen. Like this evening – one of the TV channels showed RSS members openly showing off their firearms in Jhansi on the eve of Dussera. It became a topic to pen my thoughts which I have done promptly. I want to share my opinions with others and some of my posts have certainly raked up interest.

eNewss:- Media has not lived up to its intended purpose of being people’s
voice. They have not properly aired people’s frustration about local and
national issues. Bloggers are filling that gap. Blogging community in
India is also on the rise. Most people have access to Media but not to the
blogger’s coverage of local and national issues. What should bloggers do
to reach out to their true audience?
Prabir:-There is a need for serious bloggers. In the course of my blogging experience, I have come across blogs by immature individuals; these are short-lived and sometimes lie on the borderline of decency. Many bloggers are unable to maintain continuity – they start off with a lot of enthusiasm but, over a period of time, they lose interest. One of the reasons in my opinion is the lack of any suitable incentive as such. Blogging does not have any boundaries, the bloggers define their own. Recognition is confined to their individual groups and, seldom do we come across Awards being given to bloggers.

eNewss:- Give us your take on blogging benefits.

Prabir:-Blogging should be a part and parcel of the administration – the administrators should log on to important blogsites and note down what transpires from discussions between people from far flung areas – a blog on Laloo-ji in his new avatar as the Railway Minister has drawn a wide range of response. Similarly, the field of education is riddled with problems. These need to be corrected. The blogger can post his views, others can comment and argue the case on the net but, ultimately, the administrators must take mote of the outcome. When that begins to happen, bloggers would have dome yeoman service to Society.

List of all blogs from Prabir on enewss:-


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9 Responses

  1. shyam says:

    I like when Prabir said “To let off steam”. Yes, this has been the hall mark of democracy where it provides plenty of oppurtunities to let off anger among people by allowing them to protest by various means like strikes.

  2. nitawriter says:

    Hi Prabir. I came here from Caferati. I found the interview interesting. I think your idea for the blog is excellent. I feel very strongly about India and Indians and will certainly keep a watch on your blog from now on.
    My blog at wordpress is new and right now mostly my published articles they are mostly of great relevance to India and Indians. I consider myself a serious blogger and want to reach out to a larger audience. Maybe after a few months, I will start doing that. Right now I am still struggling with putting up posts, images etc, as I am not that tech savvy.
    Best of luck to you.

  3. prabir ghose says:

    shyam and nitawriter – thanks for your wonderful comments.

  4. sudeshna says:

    Instead of everybody blogging about national issues, how about bloggers taking up seriously local issues? This way bloggers can represent the un-represented. Main media neglects local issues for many reasons. Few of those reasons are ‘no incentive in covering them’, ‘lack of resources’ etc.

  5. prabir ghose says:

    shyam, nitawriter, sudeshna : thanks for your valuable comments.

    yes sudeshma – bloggers should concentrate on local issues but, on the net, how does one define what is local? to someone, it could be his backyard, to another, his state or his country.

  6. satish says:

    Is there a possibility of bloggers aiding mainline media outlets by extensively covering local news?
    This will free mainline media’s resources from local coverage to extensively cover national and global events while taking feeds from local bloggers.

  7. Hiren says:

    There is a need for serious bloggers as pointed out by you- people who are passionate about blogging. As for education being riddled with problems, this is why it is so – Make your passion your profession

  8. Debapriya Bose says:

    it is a real pleasure reading your blogs and truly Rediscovering India….

  9. prabir ghose says:

    hiren and debapriya – thanks for the lovely words.

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