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Path is getting clear for civil nuclear strategic alliance with USA

With Left sticking to its idealogical adamant stand against any alliance with USA, Congress had no option but to look elsewhere for the much needed support to go forward on nuclear partnership with USA. All indications are getting clear that Samajwadi party is all set to give support to Congress.
No political party is ready for polls with inflation so high. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has too patiently waited for Left’s support, but not any more. With Congress and Left standing on two opposite poles, other political parties except BJP are wooing both parties to budge and move forward.

With Mayawathi party already withdrawing support to UPA government, its logical that SP will take this oppurtunity and fill that void.

Congress should have pursued this oppurtunity long before today. We have lost too much time, but one good has emerged out of this fiasco. Left parties are not good for India is one conclusion that can be drawn from this nuke fiasco. Left, more than their idealogical stand are pro chinese and this is very dangerous for our country.


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China poses threat to India’s Central Asia gas plan: Writes TOI

Sanjay Dutta from TNN (Times News Network) would like us to believe that China poses a threat to India’s Central Asia plan. Read the entire story here

If one were to read the entire article written by Sanjay Dutta even if casually, one can prove Sanjay Dutta wrong with his own content. We need to refer to any other source to disprove the fictious theory of this author.

Its not just China, but Russia and EU are also in the fray trying to outbid India to buy GAS from turkministan. This is pure market play where everyone is interested in securing gas for their energy needs. However, if India wants to silently approach Turkministan officials and close the deal at cheaper price, then we msut be living in fools paradise. Wake up, we not only need to purchase that gas but also outbid everybody to win the deal. We are in modern world, where everyone knows the market prices and are not willing to sell to us for cheap.
China, Russia and EU has the money, whereas we are wasting the same on subsidies to win elections.

Times Of India needs to scrtinize their article writers and edit their content before publishing them.
This is yet another article from Times Of India which is utterly wrong in concluding that China poses a threat to India’s Central Asia Gas plan. India doesn’t have any sustainable Energy plan, even it does have one, it doesn’t have a financial mussle to beat the existing players in the fray.

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move forward on INDO US civil nuclear deal

Despite reports that its already too late, Congress needs to proactively move forward taking other political parties into confidence. Especially congress needs to take BJP on its side and sideline Left.

Left parties so far have wasted time and or on a path to continuously fool the nation and are working to safeguard Chinese interests.

Congress needs to seriously talk with BJP and address their concerns and get their support, if Left stops supporting the government. Congress should have already done that, but there are no signs of it so far.

India is staring at an oppurtunity that will propell us into nuclear league. This will not only provide us an oppurtunity to diversify our energy dependencies, but also spare nuclear fuel for research.
We need to grab this oppurtunity now.

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UNCTAD blames India, China for rising food prices: Reports PTI

PTI (Press trust of India) is the source of above news.
NDTV and TOI (Times Of India) published the same news on their papers. By tomorrow many more news papers like Hindu, Hindustantimes etc will carry over.

I am assuming that PTI is spreading rumours and spicing up the reports from foreign agencies to sell it to INdian papers who are happy to publish them on their papers.

I am posting a link to the complete report from UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)
UNCTAD has compiled the report on food crisis from development perspective and have listed several reasons for food inflation. It has said that lack of agriculutural productivity, oil price rise, divertion of agriculutural land for biofuels, farm subsidies of US and Europe and rising demand for food from developing nations etc are responsible for food crisis. However, PTI picked up only one line that alligned well with President Bush’s earlier speech on food crisis and concluded that UCTAD is blaming India and China for food crisis.
Agencies such as PTI and subscribers such as TOI, NDTV and other papers should be confronted for malicious reporting. Such news item makes us look ugly in front of world leaders.
It puts question mark on our intellect and common sense.

Let us all protest by sending a negative feedback to PTI.
I did by sending the following message.

I am expressing my deep concern and frustration w.r.t your recent report from UNCTAD on World food security.
Here is the link for original report

However, the news item published in Indian papers doesn’t reflect the report in true spirit and content.

I am deeply saddened from such false accusations on UNCTAD.
This is not the first time it happened. IT also happened when President Bush gave a speech on food crisis and it was widely caricatured by Indian papers and grossly mis-represented the speech.

I hope that my feedback receives a response. If i do receive a esponse, i will add that to my blog.

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Hike in the prices of Petrol, LPG & diesel and reactions

At last UPA government has hiked prices of Petrol by Rs 5/litre, diesel by Rs 3/ litre, LPG cylinder by Rs 50. The old adage says that this action is unpopular politically and sensible economically.

CPI-M, BJP and opposition parties have reacted based on old adage and are spewing venom to get electoral mileage.
Reactions from
Advani: ‘Another Act Of Insensitivity And Betrayal’. He concludes that the recent inflation is due to economic management by UPA and doesn’t offer any solutions or alternatives that would prevent UPA government from hiking prices.
CPI-M: ‘Thoroughly Unjustified & Unnecessary’ . CPI-M has atleast put forward their unhappiness by listing their alternative solutions to price hike. Read them here
However, i like only one of them which says taxing Reliance Industries.
However, what i don’t understand is, why CPI-M didn’t join the government? It can join the government today and force the Congress to fall in line.
Rajiv Pratap Rudy: ‘The UPA government Has Unleashed Economic Terror On The Nation’.
Read here
This BJP spokesman typical of any BJP personnel has nothing to offer as solutions.

I believe that Congress has done the right thing by hiking the price. Indian citizens needs to understand that one needs to pay the right price for the privilleges that one enjoys. One cannot continue to depend on subsidies for ever.
Subsidies and populist schemes are the main reasons for market failures.
Subsdizing Rice and then paying less for farmers to sustain subsidized rice is point in case. UPA government finally had to shell thousands of crores to write off unpaid loans by farmers.
Instead, if rice was not subsidized, farmrers would have gotten the right price and there ould have been no need for writing off farmer loans.

I don’t think this price hike will result in congress debacle. This will help cut the demand of OIL and road traffic.

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Telangana verdict out: Want development

People of Telangana dumped empty rhetorics for real development.
The byepoll results should serve as a warning to oppurtunistic policticians who were on the verge of jumping ship from two main polictical parties to join TRS ahead of byepolls. They were also putting undue pressure on Congress and TDP to take a stand on Telangana issue.
Now, lets come back to TRS party which had no agenda to go into this byepoll.
TRS is a new party started by vexed politicians from congress and TDP to enjoy some power. ONe fine day they revived Telangana issue and started fighting for a cause which was not a cause at all to begin with. These leaders have no vision nor experience to run the state, if granted. In the past 5 years, they did nothing to the region other than shouting seperate Telangana slogans.
Telangana region people voted TRS to power after seeing worst performance by congress and TDP while they were in power. They voted TRS in the hope that this new party will bring in a change. Instead they flaunted the power given to them by people of this region.
They reclessly resigned from their MLA and MP seats several times only to prove that people of the region wanted sepearte Telangana. I should say that TRS mistook for the trust that the people have entrusted them with. While Telangana region people voted for development, they took this to mean as if they supported their cause. They also misread the sentiments of the people this time around and faced huge defeat. They now hold half of what they use to just few months ago.
TRS chief won MP seat by a mere margin of +10,000 votes. This is a shame on the part of TRS chief Chandrasekhar rao. When this MP goes to parliament, he will be laughed at.
BJP party is the biggest looser among all of them as they sided with TRS in their seperate Telangana cause with their own agenda.

Politicians are chamelons (chameleons) and Telegana byepolls proved it.

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