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Its time for Chandra babu Naidu to return to Hyderabad

TDP supremo should return tio Hyderabad and face the music for attempting to make a criminal mayawati the next prime minister of India. Its a shame for the entire Andhra Pradesh to have produced a muddu bidda (lovely son). Siggu Siggu (Shame Shame).


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Now we can all go to sleep (i hardly slept for the last 3 days)

I was anxious, worried and also scared at the picture that flashed infront of my eyes like dreams flash.

It was all about our parliamentarians sidelining the actual nuclear deal issue and pondering over allignments for the next general election. They were hell bent on sacrificing the nuclear deal to have a seat for 5 more years. Yerran Naidu stupidly said “Heavens won’t fail, if we don’t make this deal happen”. This midset speaks volumes of how our parliamentrians think on crucial national issue.

Nuclear trust vote is done and UPA won is one big relief. Although i don’t approve of the method that was applied to make this happen. This is equally applicable to dubious method adopted by BJP, LEFt, BSP etc. When everybody is a thief, let Robin Hood win the race.

Karat, LK Advani etc must resign and ponder over what they set out to do to this nation.
They should be shamed of themselves for stalling this country for almost a month and bringing shame to our democracy.

Not one has eloquently spoke as to why they opposed the deal.
I will never ever vote for BJP/TDP in my life time. If UPA/Congress fails to deliver, i will abstain from voting but never choose BJP/TDP as my representatives.

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UPA wins the trust vote 275(yes) and 256(no)

Congratulations UPA and manomhan singh.

Here is the news item from timesofindia.

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Nuclear deal or Democratic circle Vs communist Arc?

The actual fight is between UPA and the left and in this fight BJP should have sided with congress for several reasons and biggest and most noticable of which was nuclear deal. However, there is a hidden agenda also which BJP strategists should have accounted for and moved closer to congress to get a secular tag as well as a party with responsibility so that it could be trusted for future big roles in Indian politics.

Coming back to Democratic circle vs Communist arc, Communists had a pipe dream (a very distant dream indeed) to bring India into the fold of Russia and China to form a communist arc to fight against what they perceive as Western Hegemony. If you track the statements of communists from last 4 years, they made no secret of their pro china statements, pro iran statements and split venom against united states. Even though China and Russia don’t treat their Indian counterparts as trustworthy in their games, communists are trying hard to prove to them that they are very much aligned with their ideology and could some day form a stronger communist arc.

The nuclear deal on the other hand from United States was indeed a step in the forward direction to encircle china with democratic countries such as Australia, Japan, India etc.

Left was all set to break this democratic circling of China and started a long campaign by spreading misinformation about the deal and also made pro iran statements.

UPA set out to defeat the Left’s borrowed idealogy and their pipe dream by alligning with United States. China too is in a bind to support the deal, otherwise we will be clearly in the Democratic circle camp poking at china.

BJP not sensing this cold war got quickly sucked into this storm and got blown away from firmer ground to that of weaker ground and may even be bown to oblivion with the emergence of mayawathi camp.

BJP lost a golden oppurtunity to increase their voter base by alligning with Congress on this nuclear deal. BJP’s blind belief was that UPA will loose the trust vote and there will be mid term elections and they also made a stupid assumption that they will win the mid term elections because of their recent electoral wins.

BJPs calculations are so very wrong and they may even end up winning MP seats in single digits only this time. BJP lost the votes of skilled masses who very well understand the nuclear deal. BJP will almost loose the MP seats in all major cities too.

BJP can only breath easy for few months by letting UPA win the trust vote now and break the Third front alliance. Left parties may have also cheated BJP showing them the prospect of mid term elections. However, Left was working hard to prevent a mid term election as well as installing Mayawathi government(looks impossible, but may be possible with congress support).

BJP is the biggest loooser in this game. THey have proved to be the dumbest of all parties

UPA has clearly and selectively broke the back of BJP and Left.

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UPA will win the july 22nd trust vote.

More Updates: UPA has won the trust vote as predicted by many and here on this blog too. Congratulations to all as this Nation is in safe hands.

Trsut Vote Timeline: Actual voting starts at 8:00PM (IST-Indian Standard Time) and may end by 10:00PM (IST) on July 22nd 2008 Tuesday. The counting may happen manually because of the close fight.

Recent Updates: BJP earlier talked of airlighting ailing MPs like Vajpayee and Dharmendra. It almost looks like BJP gave up that idea so that UPA will emerge victorious in the trust vote along with few defections from its side. This strategy started strengthening when Left and Maya started talking on non-congress and non-BJP third front alliance. It looks like UPA has successfully nuked the opposition and the Left in their own gameplan.

There is 101% chance of UPA sarkar’s win in july 22nd trust vote and BJP will help UPA win the trust vote quietly.
Sensex will rally huge today(July 21st monday).

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BJP should quietly encourage defections to UPA

Recent Updates: BJP earlier talked of airlighting ailing MPs like Vajpayee and Dharmendra. It almost looks like BJP gave up that idea so that UPA will emerge victorious in the trust vote along with few defections from its side. This strategy started strengthening when Left and Maya started talking on non-congress and non-BJP third front alliance. It looks like UPA has successfully nuked the opposition and the Left in their own gameplan.

Operation topple UPA without a clear follow up strategy may boomerang on BJP for years to come.
BJP got sucked into Left parties bandwagon with a single agenda of toppling UPA sarkar. While Left had clearly strategised their post UPA downfall step with just minor failure of SP defection, BJP is like fool reacting to the events folding in front of their eyes with no control. BJP blindly believed that there will be mid term elections after UPA sarkar downfall which Left clearly wanted to avoid at any circumstance.

Left was successfull in strengthening non-congress and non-bjp alliance but miserably may fail to bring UPA sarkar down. Even with this failure, they can go home with a comfort of bringing non-congress and non-bjp alliance to life and fight next general elections with the projection of dalit PM.

BJP, will be biggest looser…
1) UPA sarkar failes and Third front forms the government. Congress will be more than happy to extend outside support to Mayawati to douse BJP’s chances further and wait another year enjoying a vacation.
2) UPA sarkar fails and there is no Third front alternative to form the government. In this scenario, Third Front will make substantial gains in Mid term elections becuase of the prospect of a Dalit women PM.
3) UPA sarkar wins the trust vote and there is no mid term election. IN such a scenario Third front will get enough time to strengthen their base and BSP will become a formiddable force to reckon with along with Congress and BJP.

Anyway you look, LK Advani has lead BJP to a miserable failure and the only way he can salvage his party is to encourage defections of few MPS so that UPA sarkar wins the trust vote, while BJP still publicly maintains their negative stance to maintain their credibility.

There is almost 100% chance of UPA win in the july 22nd trust vote.
Jai India

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Nuclear trust vote on July 22nd bigger than general election

I have so far never seen a single issue that has caused rumpus and taken over India. Its bad in certain ways but good in several ways.
Its good because, people have started taking a deeper look at this Nuclear deal which otherwise would have quietly passed through our country. Thanks to the Left and also special thanks to the BJP for highlighting this nuclear deal. Here onwards there will be more scrutiny of policies that gets passed by our politicians. Obviously the base of critics in national poltics has increased and this is good. Its also good because, there is a hope that the next general elections would throw a clear winner with full majority onto the national scene.
Its bad because Indian polticians have become a laughing stock in front of the whole world because of the manner in which they have opposed the deal. The nay sayers had enough time to ponder over the deal and give a lengthy and detailed response as to why they opposed the deal. However, it didnot happen so far. No one has offered an explanation as to why they are opposing the deal.
Its also bad in a sense the one time MPs and those with some hidden agendas are having field day. Instead of supporting/opposing based on the national interest, they are switching sides based on what they are getting in return.

RLD, JDS, TRS etc are the parties which should be thrown out by the people. THey have no idea of what the nuclear deal is. THey just want to get their agendas furthered instead of a national agenda.

This millenium vote of trust on july 22nd has split the political parties into two groups. One which is clearly thinking in the national interest and the other clearly ani national.
The anti national group comprises of Left parties sphearheaded by Karat and BJP sphear headed by Lal Salam Advani.
These anti national parties should be shown the exit door in the next general elections.

Left, BJP, BSP etc have clearly cornered themselve without an exit strategy for themselve. They will be humbled nationally by people in the upcoming election whenevr they are held.

My vote goes to Congress.

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Lal Salaam Advani (name change for Lal Krishna Advani)

BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate has flip flopped on Nuclear deal and his name also went through political gyrations. Lal Salaam Advani is the new name ever since he aligned with Left parties for pretty politics.
It was Ram Janma Bhoomi earlier and now its Nuclear deal and could be something else as long as BJP is not in power.

There is huge chance of bigger splits in BJP, Left and BSP parties. Amar Singh’s influence cannot be under estimated. He can flow money to the vacilitating MPs from his industrial mentors. NO matter what it takes, they have the will and money to get the numbers and that will happen.

TDP and some other smaller parties may surprise wither by split or by switch. Anything can happen in Indian politics.
BJP, Left, BSP will be in soupe if elections happen sooner or later. By giving the nuclear deal a communal angle, they have done a great danger to the Society and will be hard to erase.
BJP will loose becasue Left, BSP and splinter groups such as TDP will never let BJP take power in the center.

This was the golden oppurtunity for BJP to get a secular tag by aligning with UPA on nuclear deal.
They have lost it all.

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Media is ignoring its role in the Nuclear deal fiasco

Instead of airing views, pro and against the deal, separately from different sources, media should bring these diverse groups including political parties onto single platform and get a consensus.

As of now, it looks like every media outlet is filling its paper and TV coverage by airing and printing every Dick and Harry’s opinions which are half baked and also ill-informed. They are only creating confusions in the minds of people rather than making it clear as we proceed towards trust vote.

Left parties: Left has unsuccessfully tried to give a communal angle to the deal and failed in it.
While opposing the deal, it has made sure that BJP even in the remotest possibility does not inch closer to UPA by constantly saying that the main reason for its support to UPA was to keep Saffron parties away from power. However, it is not able to clean itself of being away from BJP, when it comes to voting against the UPA in trust vote.
Left has also wasted lot of time in blackmailing the UPA government on this deal for every silly reason, when its main opposition was the strategic alliance with USA.
Complains of Left: Left’s complain that UPA has deviated from a CMP (common minimum program) is untenable. A big country such has India with Billion people cannot stick to CMP compiled 4 years ago. World we live in is fast changing and we have to adhere to changing dynamics of the world. Clean energy, global pollution have attracted huge attention like never before. There is cent percent probability of imposing boycott of goods by west produced by technology that may result in global pollution. India needs to make sure that it is ready in the event such a scenario becomes reality. We need to diversify our energy resources and nuclear energy in one such option among others.
Left’s concern that we may not get reliable supply of Uranium is also untenable. Uranium’s supply concerns don’t change with or without us signing the deal. Australia is the biggest supplier of Uranium and they won’t mind supplying to us, when it is a win-win proposition for them. Supply of Uranium should be left to market forces and is not a foreign policy tool of United States or Australia. It is too childish to think in such narrow terms.

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IAEA safeguards draft is out in the open

All those political parties and leaders who were shouting over the roof top against nculear deal should read the draft and come out with their final opinion.

As of now, Scientific advisor and few scientists have already given their verdict and clearly said that this deal doesn’t pose any threat to our weaponisation programme.
Ex President Kalam also given his YES to the deal along with Samajwadi Party.

Left parties, if they are capable of patiently reading the draft should read it or hire someone to interpret it. Atleast now, they cannot oppose the deal on the basis of threat to India’s foreign policy.
BJP should also come out with their stand on the deal after going through the draft.

If all these parties are working for the strategic interests of India, then they should support the UPA government and help it continue the government for complete term.

THe ball is in Left and BJPs court.

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