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N deal placed in the house of Representatives

Keep tuned to the latest updates on this vote.


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valuable and brandable domain names i have

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Will Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson be fired?

Its not a rumour. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is clearly panicked and he has done a poor job on the hill in convincing the congress for a bailout package of $700 Billion.The ongoing negotiations on the hill are pointing to a deadlock with no signs of progress.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson are looking increasingly as impatient and not prepared to the questions congressmen are raising. It looks like they donot have a handle on the crisis and $700 Billion package looks to be a very short term fix rather than long term solution to the problem.
There is no guarantee that $700 Billion in enough and will fix the financial mess.

This package seems to resist the market forces which is telling clearly that home prices has to fall. We cannot put in measures to arrest the fall in price. This may be counter productive in long term.
Let us devise a package which will generate more jobs in different sectors like manufacturing, defence etc rather than saving the investment banks.

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Senate clears Indo US civil nuclear pact with 19-2 vote

Sentae clears N-deal with 19-2 votes and wrapped it up even before PM of India Manmohan Singh arrived in New York.

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No explossives found at Howray station, kolkatta

The box the passengers found was a green box with no explossives in it. Read the complete article on TOI at

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My indian blog is ‘blog of the day’

Wow. I am impressed that my indian blog is featured here

Thank you wordpress and thank you google

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Latest News: Police find explosives filled bag at Howrah station in kolkata

While Police have cordoned off the area, the details are being awaited. This could very well be the plot of same Indian terrorist organization (IM). It is unclear if the media organizations have received any emails which is typical of any such incident.

Keep tuned for updates.

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Bailout fallout

breaking news: Senate approves bailout (oops buyout).

The administration statement that bailout of wallstreet is being worked out or near even before they went to the congress last week speaks volumes about the panic levels. This reminds me of AIG executives who said the same thing that government is working on a bridge loan, even before they made a request to the government.

While the $700Billion bailout figure made rounds all around the world, no body at this time knows what the administration is going to do with this money. There are many questions than answers at this time.
a) Is $700 Billion enough?
b) How will the congress put up such a massive outlay of cash?
c) How are they going to determine the cost of bad debt?
d) Is bad debt defined at all?
e) Most importantly, what people want to know is… is the bad guy rewarded at the expense of good guy?
f) Should i keep up my mortgage payments?
g) Should i buy home now?
h) Are banks still lending?

There are few theories/ideas on how to put up such cash
a) Print the dollars
b) Sell Gold as the price of gold is at a historical high.

Depending on what they do the price of gold and oil may gyrate. Given the odd times we are in, i took a plunge and purchased Gold (2 ounces).

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Oil spikes $25 the highest single day gain ever

Government is doing all it can to protect the wall street. It has eve resorted to unprecendented step of making short sale illegal. But, does it have will power to stop the spike in Oil prices which will help bail out the consumers, the forgotten main street guys?

If government can, i would like it to do the following
a) Forcefully lock up the bank accounts of all the high paid executives of all investment firms and transfer all their wealth to government accounts.
b) Arrest all those who are responsible for the spike in oil prices.


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60 dead and counting in the Pakistan’s worst suicide bombing ever

In the words of Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights Farooq H Naek , this incident is Pakistan’s 9/11. However, Pakistan authorities should exercise caution in naming such a massive attack in Islamabad as this couldn’t be possible without ISI involvement.

How can a truck loaded with 2,200 pound explossives be rammed into the Mariott hotel causing such a massive explosion? The Mariott hotel is heavily guarded as this the favorite place for Foreigners as well as Pakistanis.

This incident proves that Pakistan is the nerve center of Terrorism and any delay in nipping this where it belongs will throw the entire region in chaos. Already the local terror organizations such JeM, LeT are spreading their tentacles inside India. This is time that Americans realize their priority and uproot the terrorism from Pakistan and help spread democracy their.

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