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Pakistan will never act tough against ‘non state actors’

‘Non State Actors’ is a new term intriduced by President Zardari to save its civillian government from disgrace from Mumbai carnage fallout.

If you look at history, it can be easily understood that Pakistani state actors have no good intentions to act against non state actors.

Immediately after 9/11, Pakistan continued to recognize Taliban. There was American pressure to not only de-recognize Taliban, but also act against them. Pakistan as usual started shedding crocodile tears of public backlash, if it  reversed its Afghanistan strategy under pressure. This is phrase constantly used by Pakistani state actors to not act. However, When Collin Powell threateaned to bomb Pakistan, Dictator Musharraf did a U turn.

Again during Indian Parliament attack, When there was pressure to act against LeT and JeM, the Pakistabi state actors shed the same crocoidl tears that there would be Pakistani backlash if they acted under pressue from India. However the Pakistani state actors yielded temporarily under pressure and banned LeT, but shamefully let Terrorist Hafeez to resign and start Jamaat Ud Dawaa group.

So, all this means that Pakistani public openly support terrorists, and that is why the Pakistani state actors don’t want to act against terrorists. Is this true that Pakistani people support terrorism? I believe no.

Pakistani analysts regularly spread their creepy mindset about Hindu, Jewish zionism to hide their support for terrorists and foreign policy goals.

These analysts did talk about same hindu conspiracy behind Mumbai blasts and are feigning ignorance of their terrorists.

The Pakistani state actors, analysts and media still continue to ask for evidence even though, India presented the evidence to UN and got Jamaat Ud Dawaa declared a terrorist group. China wouldn’t have supported the UN move had there been no evidence.

Pakistani state actors are unsuccessfully building public anger to stop themselves from acting against their terrorist infrastructure. However, they have been unsuccessfull and such is the international pressure this time to act decissively against terrorism. US, UK and other world capitals have been shown the evidence. India so far didn’t share that evidence with Pakistan as it believed that Pakistan would not act upon it. India has shown evidence on numerous accounts before and got no response.

Indian government this time successfully built International pressure on Pakistan and is getting a positive response.

Pakistan is just an inch closer to get ‘terrorist state’ tag, if it did not act tough with verifiable evidence against terrorism.

Not withstanding public pressure, Pakistani state actors have to act tough on their rsoreign policy tools such as Taliban and kashmiri terrorists.


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Indians 2.0 Politicians 1.0

Politicians are always behind the curve and not even attempting to do the catchup when it comes to anti terrorism law. India’s democracy has failed because the top 2 political parties couldn’t even come to a consensus on anti terrorism law. UPA and NDA doesn’t even want to sit together and devise a common mutually aggreeable law.  They just bicker on each other on every issue and always want to outdo the other.

We need a new party or parties with a touch with young India and with growing aspirations of new breed of Indians.

We are paying taxes and also being killed, while Netas are enjoying Z security. Is this democracy?
Our politicians don’t have good attitude towards people. They don’t even respect citizens of India.
CM of Kerela making dog comment, Modi continue to be CM despite failing to protect Muslim carnage. LK Advani is considered PM in line despite razing Babri masjid, few congress leaders still out  despite their direct hand in Sikhs carnage in 1984 riots.
We have utterly failing democracy with anarchy spreading faster than pollution. We have Hindu terrorists now adding to the wooes of Islamic terrorists.
I am beginning to shake now.

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Mumbai terror – deeper analysis

India was fully exposed with all its weaknesses before the entire world during the mumbai seige.
So, What went wrong? Almost everything went wrong. Only the spirit of Indians minus politicians, valour of NSG commandoes stood high like Mount everest.
It almost puts me to shame, if i hear the sentences ‘Emerging power – India’, ‘Supoer power – India’.

So, lets travel the path of terrorists and see and feel the sorry state of Indian state.
1) Terrorists kill 5 people on trawler and slit the last remaining person after sailing closer to the shore. Terrorists sailed in Arabian sea so long from Karachi to Mumbai undetected. Was our navvy sleeping? What happened to Taxpayers money that bought submarines, high end naval ships with cut-throat technologies? What happened to our medias screaming headlines ‘India a major naval power’?
Where were our sea petrolling guards?
2) Assuming these terrorists sailed through successfully, was there no immigration check at the port?
What a shame?
3) Ok, our tax money isn’t enough to cover our populist subsidy schemes. Agreed. So, our maritime infrastructure and immigration checking system is in shambles. But what happened to metal detectors at CST? Why there was no one at the place where metal detecting pass through units were placed?
4) Ok, our Lalu prasad yadav was amanaging our railway stations well and turned loss making railway ministry into money miniting printing press. How did he actually achieved this? Did he do cost cutting by removing all security systems or personnel to check the passengers in and out of the station? Or the employees were napping?
4) Taj hotel the icon of growing and emerging India.  Ratan tata has miserably failed to protect his great grand fathers hard work. If Taj hotel got destroyed then the responsibility lies with no one but him. I listened carefully to his interview on CNN with zakaria. He gave a losuy explanation of why he removed security just before the carnage. He said that the reason to remove the security was diminished threat of terrorism. Also, he defended shamelessly that the security was put in place on the front side of the hotel and not on the back side. So, according to his lousy defense, carnage in Taj couldn’t have been prevented because terrorists entered hotel from behind. So, my question. Why didn’t you put security checks at the back of the hotel? By your own submission, your security apparatus is inadequate. Running a 100 year old hotel is one thing and protecting it is another thing. You failed in protecting guests, property and investors money. You cheated the guests and investors alike with a false assurance of safety? Who will trust in your Taj hotel again?
5) Coming to our police force. Police spent all the money in upgrading their stations ans automobiles, but didn’t spend a penny in upgrading to the latest technologies as well as defensive/offensive equipments. Do they know anything about Taser guns? I bet they know John Abraham and his bike.
Our police constables looked like meek spectators and in some cases were running for their safety.
Why did slain ATS chief Hemant went to battle field? Why did he allow the TV coverage of his wearing jackets? Instead of coordinating the whole episode why did he run by himslef to the frontline?
6) NSG commandoes donot have latest gadgets for handling hostage situations. Our government may have  thought, why do these commandoes need them, when there is hardly one or 2 hostage situation in a year or 2.  They don’t have their own helicopters. What a joke.
7) coming to Political parties. BJP is smiling and shedding crocodile tears on mumbai terror. This saffron party is thinking voters will push BJP to victory because UPA failed in counter terrorism efforts. The root cause of all evils in India is BJP, RSS, VHP and bajarang dal. These saffron outfits demolished babri masjid, allowed the massacre of muslims in gujarat, attacked christians and even released dreaded terrorirts during kandahar plane hijacking episode.
BJP even took kargil to its face and allowed our parliament to be attacked. If BJP thinks that there credentials are stronger, then it is fooling itself. This time the anger in common people is against the enetire political calls. Its is not directed to this or that party. These good for nothing polticial leaders have Z security while common people suffere in routine terrorist attacks.
It would be good for NDA to join forces with UPA and form the consensus. Show to the world that political class is not divided, but united with a common response to the escalating war like situation between India and Pakistan.
Tada or POTA is not the response people are looking for. They need concrete evidence that things started to change. Counter terrorism efforts have miserably failed under UPA sarkar.
Forge cooperation between all state ATS agencies, IB, RAW. Provide adequate tools to our Police personnel. Reduce the subsidy burden and use the tax money to protect the Indians.
Protect our borders with strict immigration check at all entry points. Warn all Public and private companies to screen all employees before hiring. Warn all renters to screen all the occupants. Warn all hotels and tourism departments to implement strictest security measures all times.
Government should ensure that every citizen has an address along with ID card. This needs huge investments, but we need to accomplish this. Had we not spent money on pay commision hikes, farmer loan write offs, we could have that money today to do just that.
More updates soon.

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Condoleezza Rice visiting India on coming wednesday

It appears that India is adamant and is not in listening terms to the sage advise of US to calm down.
Bush also has said in a speech to chase the culprits and bring the to justice. Indian Prime Minister has also warned of a price the neighbours has to pay in case the evidence points to their soil being used for mumbai attack.

All the indicators are pointing to a major escalation in South Asian region. This time it may not be just a rhetoric of attack, but something more than that could happen. A surgical raid deep into Pakistan striking terrorist camps is not rules out either by India or US. This may happen even before Obama takes office and cahnge the war on terror strategy.

Pakistani civilian leadership is under extreme pressure from Military, ISI and public to react to Indian threats. However, civillian leadership is not in a position to deliver anything except manage the conflict in media.

Pakistan could be attacked and US & India are not believing any promise of civilian leadership as they are not in control of anything in Pakistan. Military and ISI will not budge to US threats to dismantle Terrorist camps, so a surgical raid inside Pakistan is possible by India or US or both.

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