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Axiata mulling an open offer on Idea cellular

As per business-standard report, axiata is mulling an open offer to raise its stake to 40%.

It appear that good days are here for long term idea cellular investors like me.
Jai ho to Idea cellular. I am guessing that the stock will shoot up to RS 100 on May 28th trading day.

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BJP’s post poll analysis.

BJP is still in denial. They still whole heartedly don’t admit that Indians have signed up for development and not for hindutva.

L.K advani’s utter lies on Kandahar episode,
L.K advani’s weaknes after return from Pakistan trip,

BJP’s shameless stand on US-India civil nuclear proliferation,
Modi’s Gujarat carnage,
Malegaon investigation,
Varun Gandhi’s extreme views,
Karnataka’s hindu unit’s attack on club goers
BJP’s stand on telengana, discarding public rejection of seperate statehood and pre-poll alliance with TRS, TDP

all went against BJP. All the above incidents affected and scared voters of all age groups and thus paved way for their demise.

BJP now faces an uphill task of winning over the masses as Congress seems to have learnt their lessons and will make sure that they do best on what they have already done so far.

BJP now needs to get rid of likes of Varuns and Modis and then erect a pro growth and moderate leadership who are free from the clutches of VHP, Bajarang dal and RSS.


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