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Many D-street experts are expressing negative sentiment post budget

Most of the so called analysts who are predicting blood bath on sensex post budget are in reality technical experts. Some of them are paid bashers who missed the boat post election rally. Most of the Mutual Funds have suffered huge losses as they were sitting in cash or have shorted stocks pre election. Now they are biting nails as they are undecided as to enter the market or continue to sit on cash.

Election victory of UPA of such magnitude was unthinkable and sensex reacted in the same token. Now so called experts are doing the same mistake by looking at history, where stocks fell in a month after budget.

This coming budget is not and will not be a routine budget. UPA is set out to prove and show something this time around. They know one thing that investors are looking for massive expenditure on infrastructure and India cannot take off without that. So massive reforms with regards to Infrastructure is given even at the expense of huge deficits.

I don’t see how UPA can miss this budget or let it go just like that without some huge surprises. I am 100% sure that stocks in infrastructure sector will rally huge post and pre budget as there is no other option.

There will be huge upside in earnings potential and hence the current valuations justify the future earnings. If experts are trying to apply fundamental analysis of these stocks based on past earnings then they are dead wrong.

Let us see what happens now. I am waiting for good monsoon in next 2-3 days.



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Is China’s wealth just an illusion?

The recent global economic collapse was mainly due    to the collapse of american economy and it turns out that the great american economy was just an illusion.  The American economy mainly maintained its status purely on the basis of it being global reserve currency. All assets around the world is traded in dollar and there were many happy buyers of dollars including China. This was fine until  America started printing dollars and all hell broke down.

One simple analysis  is: America printed dollars in one year, what China earned in last 5 years. This one thing should magnify the fact beyond any error that Dollar is just a tissue paper now.

Now comes the startling question, did china worked so hard all these years to just earn trillions of tissue paper?  They earned more dollars then OPEC countries. In the next global reorganization,  how much should be the weight of China and what determines its weight and power in global saying?


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Baitullah’s suicide foray into AJK is not surprising

Pakistan army is obsessed with Eastern border, Taliban (Afghan as well as Pakistan taliban) are concentarting on the border with afghanistan with sparse attacks within Pakistan.  United states is presuurizing Pakistan army to move soldiers away from East and has convincpakistani leaders into this tsrategic move. However, Pakistan army is vary of such moves and is adamant in not giving up eastern deployement.

Recently we have been seeing reports that Taliban may creep into India and then this suicide attack in AJK. From various sources online, it is very apparent that Pakistan army and ISI are stage managing TTP to thwart amaerican pressure as well as milking the billions of dollars.

By letting TTP creep into AJK and create havoc their, Pakistan army will justify its army’s pressence on eastern border by fighting TTP on border with India. This serves  Pakistan army well by telling Americans that we need army deployement in east to check militants, but their main is to watch India.

If this is true, then Pakistan army is going to fall under its own feet. They may be laughing now by assuming that they are successfully fooling Americans and the world, but soon they will be unable to manage the militants and loose their own nation.



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Is Idea cellular raising funds for 3G spectrum auctions?

Idea may be in advanced stages to raise new funds for 3G auctions which will cause equity dillution. This will shrink Axiata’s share in Idea cellular post spice merger.  This fear may have caused Axiata to hike their share so that they can maintain their share. If Axiata went this route, we would have seen huge spike in idea shares and will potentially drive away the new investors.

Idea cellular management may have made a secret agreement with Axiata to calm down and may have promised them to allow them to maintain their 14.99% share via shareholder meeting this month.

Either way existing idea cellular shareholders should be ready to see a spike in the share price with the upcoming developments.

I am buying idea shares, if it moves down.


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