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Fraud by ICMR officials unearthed by Hindustan Times

Dr VM Katoch, director-general of ICMR, and Dr RK Srivastava, director general of health services in the ministry of health and family welfare  and scores of other officials have alleged to have committed fraud missusing our tax money according to HT.

Please follow up the link here

I would request my readers contact the authors and contributors of this report for further updates and also to congratulate them if true.
We need to highlight this alleged fraud to the fullest extent and get to the bottom of this issue.

icmr site:



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What were you thinking Mr Pranab Mukherji?

You layout huge spending plan for Aam Aadmi without clear direction on sources of funding. You raised MAT which will affect infrastructure companies by drastically affecting their ability to raise funds for projects and or attract banks to lend them.

Your budget left us gasping with more questions than answers.
With the available info, it leads us to believe that you will suck up all the available liquidity from markets for your Aam Aadmi schemes leaving private sector (specifically infra stocks) with less credit to borrow from markets and at the same higher taxes.

I don’t understand how you are going to increase rural employment without private sector participation. I am guessing that you will end up creating huge unemployment in urban areas by weakening private sector.

Let us see what is in store for us.

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India Union budget 2009-2010

Everybody is going to watch Pranab’s Union budget this Monday (July 6th, 2009). In my opinion, stock markets will ignore the defict concerns and most likely look for growth oriented policy changes.

This budget might remind us the former Prime Minister Narsimha Rao’s opening up our economy 20 years ago when Manmohan Signh was finance minister.

Expectations are that this budget is going to chart a high growth path for India.¬† Mamohan Singh enjoys full support and doesn’t have any stumbling blocks like Left parties.


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