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Scrap the law that says Child labor is crime.

Obviously abuse of any kind especially child abuse should be punishable. So, Urvashi should be punished for abusing the 10 year old. This issue should be treated as a child abuse and should not be mixed up with Child labor issue as the two are different issues and are very complex to deal with. Even though urvashi committed 2 crimes under existing laws, we should not be screaming about child labor as there are many who break this law. There are many construction companies who employ child labors. There are many kids employed by film industry and film fraternity. It would be very easy to catch many child labor offenders and our jails won’t be enough to fill them up.

Until the following is achieved

  1. Compulsory education to all children below 14 years and a monthly remuneration to the poor families who send their kids to schools.
  2. Banning begging by children below 14 years
  3. Rigorous punishment for employing children.

Unless the above conditions are met  and few more holes that i may not list  here are covered by the government, we cannot put in a law that bans Child labor. It is very easy to make a law, but to create an environment where there is an incentive for children under 14 coming from poor families to go to school is difficult. Otherwise, these kids who by virtue of law are put out of workl force and hence  may end up begging or resort to crime without work.

Zoya Akhtar says we need strong laws to prevent Child labor. But how can she be blind to Child artists (especially reality shows based on children) in film industry? That is also considered Child labor. How can she remain blind to many under aged children working directly and or indirectly for film industry? These are something closer to her profession and she should look there rather than echoing a well known position on Child Labor.

We can sort of agree on a middle ground to help under aged children in the interim. Anyone who employs children should also take care of their education. It is sort of adoption and creating a good environment for the kids in return for help from them.

Government should create evening schools and colleges for such children. This is one such solution that makes sense for countries like India.

Farah Khan has a point that there are two sides to this issue.

Let us not create laws that are meaningless. Let us look at the Indian context of this problem rather than echo a position that suits Western countries. There will be other fallouts in reaction to banning child labor that will be impossible to deal with in India. Let us plug other fallouts of which i listed few.


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True colors of Advani are slowly cropping up

Advani (yes, i deliberately omitted ‘ji’) is not only opportunistic (recollect the indo-US civil nuclear deal),  very weak (remember Jinnah comments and return from Pakistan), but is also a liar.

He brazenly lied twice and in Jaswanth Singh’s own words, he completely knew of flying terrorists to Kandahar and also he is the one who stopped action against murderer modi.

To protect Party, Advani has undermined the country and its secular credentials. Rightly and justifiably people rejected the BJP party.

Jaswanth Singh: Thanks for revealing the facts, but why did you keep silient all these years? You would have still covered up these things for Adavni and may even have witnessed this Lal Salaam Advani (remeber Advani took the side of CPI & CPM during no trust motion against UPA w.r.t Indo-US civil nuclear deal. That is why i call him Lal Salaam Advani)) taking oath has PM, had BJP won elections. So, what should we call you?


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Laghe Rahon SRK continues at Times Of India news paper

Times of India is yet again proving to be a news paper with content that is based on quantity rather than quality. No wonder SRK figures on more search pages in google rather than Brad Pitt.

NyTimes and other newspapers covered SRK episode in one article summing up opinions of several people, while Times Of India keeps generating one article per one opinion from one person.

In a matter of 2 days, TOI has  written several articles on SRK episode.
TOI has come up with seperate articles on what Priyanka chopra, Karan Johar,  Ambika soni, Aviation minister. Farah Khan
Except Karan almost all of the opinions are based on arguments that can easily be countered by a person of least IQ.

Ambika Soni: Check your tongue before knee jerk reactions

Priyanka: Why should an Immigration official know, who SRK was? He may be God in India, but again America is land where even God has to follow rules.

Farah Khan: Why should immigration official search online about SRK? It is not the job of this immigration official to do so. He is mandated to check few things and ask few questions to verify the visitors.

If SRK had answered his first few questions properly and to the point, he would have left airport in no time.

To Times Of India newspaper:  Give up on SRK and move on.

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‘My Name is Khan’ Movie Review: Thumbs Down

My Name is Khan is a bollywood movie based on racial profiling of Muslims particularly of Asian descent.  This movie is yet to be released, but with the background of the recent controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan at Newark International airport w.r.t his 2 hour ordeal by immigration officials, we can conclude that movie is based on pre conceived notion of bias towards muslims by united states. I can guess that this will be a big budget sub standard movie that is taken solely to en cash on the negative sentiments about US war on terrorism, US immigration systems and rules.

The way Shah Rukh Khan cried foul of racial discrimination because of his last name being Khan explains his level of understanding of the subject. I will not be the one to watch this movie in the first week of its release. This movie at best is as good as his attitude towards immigration official and as good as his understanding of rules and regulations.

Shah Rukh Khan is now on the same scale as Emraan hashimi who has scant respect towards rules and regulations. They do not have patience to understand nor follow procedures to get their ends meet, so they take the shortcut of abusing their star status by crying foul in the media who as usual are hungry for any content.

Emraan has no patience to get No Object certificate, so he threatens the residential society of racial discrimination in media.
Shah Rukh Khan does not have patience to answer his questions straight nor he thinks he should be treated on par with other passengers. So he takes the shortcut to the media with a case of Religious profiling.

The same thing happened with former Indian cricket team captain (Azharuddin) who also took shelter of belonging to minority community and cried foul of bias after serving 10+ years as cricketer in Indian squad.
In not so distant past, Kambli another cricketer from minority community cried foul before media of bias again after serving so many years in the Indian cricket squad. His complain is all about not getting enough number of times a chance to prove his mettle.

I belong to majority community and media has no place for my tears. O lord, give me a chance to be reborn again as minority community member, if i happened to be re-born to  Indian parents.

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Even God is second in line to a VIP: This happens only in India

VIP culture is creating a very bad name to India. Unless Government steps in and issues strong statement and policy change, things will never improve. We will continue to see this over and over forever.

Redefinition: VIP means ‘Very Ignorant Person’.

While Government takes a stand on this issue, India should start issuing VIP cards to all VIPs in India in addition to Diplomatic passports to those who served and or serving  higher up in Government.  VIP cards should be given to all Sportsmen,  Sportswomen,  Bollywood stars, MPs, MLAs etc. The VIP card should strictly specify the following protocol
a) All employees of all Airlines, airports, government offices,  monuments, railway stations and bus stations of any country/state anywhere in the world, upon seeing the VIP card should bow their head to the person showing his/her  VIP card and walk him through a special door to the destination bypassing the commoners.

b) All VIPs should never be made to stand in line or wait for any service anywhere on this planet. They should be the first one to get service, even if God is standing in line.

c) All employees and or common public anywhere on this planet should act as if they know the VIP personally . This VIP should be idolized like a God for 5 minutes and then accompany him to the intended destination.  Showering praises and flowers at his/her feet is also acceptable, but watering his feet is more accepted and welcome.

Government of India should talk to Oxford dictionary officials and get the word ‘chamchagiri’ defined as this is important word to be known and well understood by everyone on this planet, so that they can treat Indian VIPs good enough.

Did i miss anything?

Oh yes i forgot about Bollywood. The term bollywood should be taught to every kid on this planet before alphabets are taught and more importantly, they should have a special chapter on Khans.

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Sarah Wheaton at thelede nytimes blog quoted my article

I just wanted to share this news that my article on Shah Rukh Khan’s experience at Newark international airport was quoted by another article on similar story at ‘thelede’ blogs.


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If My Name was Khan, i would have reacted differently

Shah Rukh Khan has insulted himself by taking popular and controversial line of ‘Religious discrimination’. Shah Rukh Khan’s statement after getting freed was not well thought out. Instead of oft repeated and severely abused statement of ‘harassment’ by immigration officers, he should have calmly answered the questions and gotten away from this incident. It could very well be possible that he might have deliberately not answered the immigration officers question in order to get detained which would work wonders for his upcoming film ‘My Name is Khan’. Again the above statement is my wild guess and is not based on any material or immaterial facts.

Its only in India, we have so many VIPs. We have a VIP in everybody. One who does a Software Job is a VIP in his neighborhood, one who is a government officer is a VIP, one who is a MLA is a VIP, one who is a MP is a VIP and one who is a Bollywood actor no matter what his box office hit rate was is considered a VIP. All these people demand VIP status wherever they are. This is a virus like symptom only in India and has no cure for it. Shah Rukh Khan has created an embarrassment for Indian and American officials by exaggerating his 2 hour ordeal which is otherwise a routine questioning.

Ambica Soni want a tit for tat treatment. Rather than streamlining our rules and regulations at our airports,  she stupidly calls for a Tit for Tat treatment. What a pity.

Let us not make a mountain out of mole. Shah Rukh Khan’s bad experience is not uncommon and i don’t understand why he should be treated any different than others. He didn’t get this bad treatment in India , but in a foreign land.  He can’t expect royal treatment everywhere and he is not right in complaining about the immigration process.

I should thank the immigration official who gave us Indians an opportunity to think/re-think on the VIP treatment.

If i was Mr Khan, i would have said that Indian airports too should have similar and strict rules and regulations to prevent future terrorism incidents. We should stop delaying flight departures because a VIP is stuck in a traffic jam and is late at the airport.  We should stop VIPs abusing airport staff for not giving them royal treatment.

Wish you a happy Independence Day.

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