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Jagan as CM of Andhra Pradesh?

On what basis is Jagan qualified to be Chief Minister? The current mess in Andhra Pradesh congress is the creation of YSR. He made sure that no one gets elected to Assembly on congress ticket who can challenge him.  He carefully selected toothless leaders and also gave them free rein to loot the state. He implemented schemes for poor only with the tax payers money, but didn’t work hard to increase the tax revenue of the state to help sustain the social schemes he introduced.

All the Ministers and MLAs who are rallying for his candidature should bow their heads in shame for the utter irresponsible behavior. This display of immaturity is only going to hurt congress in future.

Challenge to Jagan:  Accept Presidentship of Andhra Pradesh congress unit and ride it through next assembly elections. Show us your maturity, leadership qualities and above all management skills. Running a newspaper with tax payers money is not business acumen.

Your silence on this issue is mischievous at best and sinister.

God save telugu people from rudderless congress party.


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1998 Nuclear fusion tests VS Political & Scientific fusion

Today’s Political and Scientific community’s clash over 1998 nuclear tests has yielded more energy in units of kiltons than the actual nuclear tests.

Everybody be it Missile man Azad or Scientific adviser to Government Kakodkar or scientists are making vague claims of success or failures. Taxpayers need more vivid explanation and answers about past and future tests.

Why all those idiots who are shouting now were silent all these years? What right does Former president Azad has to validate the tests?

Kakodkar is a pure political person. There is no basis for us to take his word at its face value. He initially didn’t support Indo US civil nuclear pact and sided with BJP. However, he later retracted and started supporting the deal. We are still not clear about his U turn.

BJP needs to come out and explain the need to go nuclear in 1998 in a rush.

Credibility less scientific community is questioning the credibility of 1998 tests and our nuclear deterrence.  I has a taxpayer ask and also seek the credibility of our nuclear establishment first before anything else. How come you are raring your heads now after a decade? Your salaries are being paid by us and not the political outfit that runs the government. You should be working for us and not for NDA or UPA.

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Chandrayaan-I mission failure and ISRO’s bad attitude

It is quiet unusual for a premier organization like ISRO to speak like an immature kid when faced with a failure. Rather than admit it on the face and ask for an apology from taxpayers, the chairperson went on saying the following which reflects very poorly on his professional ethics and work attitude.

  1. Even though Chadrayaan – I died a premature death, we achieved 95% of the goals.
  2. US and Europe were also satisfied with the results.

To Honorable chairperson of ISRO : If you have achieved 95% of the goals within few months of launch, why did you plan for 2 year research programe with Chadrayaan – I? Why waste taxpayers money? Why do you need a certificate from US and Europe to pat on your back?
In all this failure, where did you speak to the tax payers on Chandrayaan’s mission?

You have not taken us into confidence in your mission and are now seeking refuge by making stupid statements. Come out clean and boldly accept that its was an error on your teams part and go on with Chandrayaan – II. Moon mission is not new and there is no rocket science in it. US, RUSSIA have accomplished them years ago and you can collaborate with them to reduce failure rate. The recent failure which is related to estimating moon’s temperature is trivial and this doesn’t bode well or instill confidence in us about your future endeavors.

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