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Rogue economicTimes editor questions NRI’s patriotism

To know what this editorial says read the article   Turn away some of that NRI money

The article makes no sense and at best reflects the lack of understanding of market dynamics of buying and selling dollars in the open market through various schemes. How such an idiot could become an editor that too for a reputed economictimes paper is beyond my understanding.

Every exporter/importer including some government agencies involve some hedging to fend of currency fluctuations. At times, they short rupee and at some other times they short foreign currency. Do you call such activity unpatriotic?

I am interested in seeing this idiot who came up with this theory on
NRIs have been sending money from decades which actually filled the plates of government that helped them to import goods into the country. Sending dollars to India is not of a recent phenomenon. There will be flood of dollars in coming months due to low interest rates in US and how is this editor going to stop that is still unknown. Government on one hand is seeking cheap money and economictimes editorial staff is roguish and is resorting to jingoism without any purpose.


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Foort Wood incident explains confused state of mind of majority of Muslims.

Hasan’s act at a Military base in Texas will surely put many Muslims career in jeopardy in United States and outside. I hope not, but that is a reality that is unstoppable.

If Hasan is on US payroll and if he saw a conflict of interest between his duties as US military employee and as a true devotee of Islam, then he should have simply resigned from the job and join the Mosque. But, wait a minute, If he resigned who would pay his bills and who would give him and his family members food? Definitely not the local mosque and definitely not the Allah. These bastards want to enjoy the fruits of democracy, freedom and richness of other cultures but at the same time want to pursue a double life as a true Muslim too. If he was not allowed to resign, then he should not have joined the army in first place.

But wait a minute, Islam says that you cannot work for for-profit organizations and also arguably says that you cannot fight against muslims. It also says that you cannot cooperate with jews and Christians etc. That leaves very few places for Muslims to pursue their career and growth. These unwritten rules and tenets will isolate Muslims more to a point that they all need an Island to themselves to breathe and practise religion.


Who would trust fellow Muslims in their offices now? It is the Mosque that is breeding ground of terrorism. If cleric was not able to clear the confused mind of Hasan, then who should have done that?

Islam as a religion is good in books, but what is bad is its interpretation that is imbibed in the minds of millions that can dangerously affect Islam’s future.
Its time for the Clerics  to rethink on how to build a future version of this abused religion.

Destruction of Dollar value and Electric cars can stop the abuse of Islam. OPEC countries and many other Muslim oil producing countries have huge reserves of Dollars. It is these dollars that are sitting idle and spreading evil version of Islam. Dollars destruction would definitely put a brake on that. Electric cars would definitely push all Muslim countries to begging as they didn’t diversify at all all these years. They will then know how to co-exist and work hard.

Give all Muslims a big chunk of earth with no connectivity to the rest of the cultures and religion. Let them survive, breath and practise religion as they wish. Let us see, what will happen to them after 25 years. They will swim and runaway to the mighty shores of development, freedom of the rest of the world as there is no meaning to practising Religion in all its purity. Lol

Good luck to all my Muslim friends and this article  is no offence to them.

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