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Shashi Tharoor crying like chicken on Twitter

Shashi tharoor found an easy way out in registering his protest and displeassure on new visa guidelines. He thought it was simple to post 140 charcaters on twitter instead of clarifying his views on new visa guidelines which could have taken hours or even days to fight it out with other members in his department.

Advise to Minister of state for external affairs, Shahsi tharoor: Tax payers are paying you monthly wages and reimbursing your five star hotel stays not to tweet, but to team up with other members in your team and reason out with them in shaping the guidelines and making our country safe. We want you to work hard in making your views clear to them and contribute your mite to the security of this nation and its progress. We don’t like it, when you put your cry baby face on twitter and garner sympathy in front of twitter crowd who may not have all the gory details you have. Be a man and defend your views within the 4 walls of the ministry or else ressign and tweet full time. If people with powers are showing helplessness, impatience and are irresponsibly fighting it out in the open, what kind of confidence are you giving us?
It is we, who should tweet and blog because thats what we are good at doing. We have given you privillege to do the the stuff we can’t.


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Non partisan view on Telangana is the only way out

Congress party’s age old partisan politics and “what is in it for me” attitude has done greater damage for itself in dealing with Telangana issue. Sonia Gandhi has lost credibility in her knee jerk reaction to KCR’s hunger strike and announcement of separate telangana overnight and that day being her birthday also added to the controversy.

It is time now to start afresh consultations with opposition parties, people and come to consensus on the agitation of Telanganites. It is time to review the allegations of water allocations, fund allocations and influx of people from other regions into Telangana and rendering localites jobless. It is time to take this agitation away from street goondas and real estate brokers who have used every trick in the book to showcause what they can do.

Separate Telangana or United Andhra Pradesh, following things are must for review
1) Fresh look at all water projects that were planned but not implemented, planned but left half done.
2) Fresh look at allocation of funds
3) Rename the state to Telugu pradesh, if United state is still an option.
4) Creating leaders from Telangana region, by giving opportunity to localites for various positions within the government.
5) Creation of educational infrastructure in Telangan region
6) Spending additional 10% of all tax money generated from Hyderabad for Telangana upliftment.


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Chalthi kya Raj Bhavan? Rs 1000 per person per hour!

Raj bhavan has been virtually turned into Prostitution bhavan or Sani bhavan by Congress nominee N.D Tiwari. N.D Tiwari’s act has  bought disgrace to the Governor office, title and role.

This episode should bring in needed discussion on ethics in politics. There are scores of Politicians in roles such as MLAs, MPs, CMs, PMs and Ministers etc who abuse their power for their selfish needs and also try to strengthen their personal or family businesses.
A process should kick in now to tackle issues such as high level corruption that happens in power corridors. Strong laws to prevent criminals from entering into politics.
Strong laws to punish culprits who destroy public properties to demonstrate their street power politics in meeting their political deeds they can’t achieve through democratic process.

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Sonia cuts Andhra cake on her birthday

In 2009 assembly elections people have vehemently rejected TRS and TDP combine who fought on seperate statehood issue. Elections are the only way people can express their wish and thats what they did. How can Sonia sideline people’s wish and gift a birthday present and decide separate statehood for Telangana?

How can state cover up its inability to provide security by midnight statement of bifurcation? I completely agree with MLAs and MPs resigning en mass as a protest against unilaterism of Congress high command.

Is Sonia’s word more powerfull than people’s vote? How can they pass resolution if MLAs resign in large numbers?
It is interesting to see. CM Rosiah is too weak to handle the responsibilities. He should put in his papers and retire. Let their be fresh elections.

Allocation of more funds to Telangana was the solution and not bifurcation. How will Telangana survive on its own?

Newspapers have done a lousy job, Fearing attacks they have not written articles for or against the statehood issue. They are like political entities who look after their property and business. The value of the content they produce for the growth of their society is nill.


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Telangana movement?? But for what?

When people have repeatedly voted against the seperate Telangana state, why should the state succumb to few people who are hell bent on seperate Telanagana for their selfish needs?
Why can’t justice take its course and punish those who are taking matters to the extreme by indulging in goondaism?
Is it people’s movement? If it is then why didn’t people voted the TRS,TDP and BJP to power or atleast maximum seats in Telanaga region?
Do you characterize the rasta roko, rail roko and chal assembly has people’s wish?

I don’t understand why TDP supremo is doing the same mistake twice? I simply don’t understand why my leader whom i adore is misbehaving and mis-charecterizing these pressure tactics as people’s wish for seperate Telangana?

TRS has no agenda and they have no backing. This party is made up of few individuals who have no interest in running the state.
Seperate Telangana would be a disaster in making for state of AP and also India.


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