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Dear indian bloggers and blog readers,
We at enewss are delighted to announce the launch of our website featuring Indian blogs.

1) URL:
Description: Aggregating indian bloggers.
2) URL:
Description: Online party invitations for Indians.

What is enewss?
eNewss displays blog updates from indian bloggers as headlines with short descriptions as and when they are posted. On the main page, we just display all the categories with just titles. Within respective categories, we do better job in displaying the blog headlines with descriptions with date stamps. We also have a calendar where a user can pick a date and read the blogs posted on that particular date. This section would be incomplete without talking about search facility. We allow users to search blogs from our database. Users can search using single words or pairs of words. The search results are displayed with the newest blog containing that search term first. More on this in another section. Hold on…..

How do we select blogs?
We search for quality Indian blogs and add it to our database for inclusion. We also allow users to submit their own blogs or the blogs they are fond of to our system.
Users can use this link to submit a blog. We will then review the blog and then approve/reject the blog. At this time we don’t send approval/reject notifications. We only intimate users on submissions.

Why do we reject blogs?
We reject blogs for the following reasons
1) Your blog content is not one of the categories we support
2) Your blog RSS feed version is older (0.91 and earlier)
3) Your blog features adult material .
4) Your blog feed url is invalid.
5) Your blog does not contain original content of yours or your members.
6) Your blog is already listed in one category.
7) Your blog is not India specific or you are not an Indian.

Please contact us at for further clarifications.

Is your blog approved?
We generally approve blogs within 24 hrs. The best way to know, if your blog is approved is by doing a search.
For example:
1) If your blog feed is
Do a search on ‘’ like
2) If your blog feed is
Do a search on ‘rediscovering’ like

If you can’t find posts and you think that your blog deosn’t come under our rejection rules, then please contact us at

What do we believe in?
What do we believe in has more to do in what we implemented so far and going to implement in future. We belive that there is no comparison between Main media organizations and bloggers. There are several things that put them apart by several miles. Few differences as we understand and the list will be updated frequesntly….
Main media: Main media organizations generate official content on events as and when they happen. Most of their content generated today is of no value tomorrow. They have employees who put their opinions and editorials on several events. They are alleged to be personally biased, politically biased and sometimes under pressure from government of the day. They are even alleged to shape up the opinion of the people by giving different spins on the events. They have responsibility to report the events accurately and can’t go wrong in their content.
Bloggers: Bloggers react to several events and generate content with their own opinion and analysis. Bloggers do not report current events but react to such events reported by News papers and TV channels. Bloggers can go wrong in their analysis and do not report to anybody but to themseleves. This is perfectly ok and should not cause any alarm to anybody because blogging is free form of writing. Often they have found to be more reliable and responsible in their opinions. Bloggers write on events as they understand it. When a blogger writes about anything, people need not read it the same day.

Before people had few differing opinions on current events from media outlets. Today people are exposed to too many opiniuons from blogosphere. People generally read News papers and watch TV to get an official version of the events. Now people read blogs to get a pulse of what people are thinking about the same events reported by media outlets.

Because indian blogosphere is spinning and expanding, we decided to aggregate several indian blogs and provide them in different sections to the user. Because blogs can be read anytime, we are concentrating heavily on improving search facility, so that users can enter a search term and read blogger’s opinion.

Have we helped readers?
We have done a decent job so far and are working on improving reader’s experience further. So far, we have eased Readers pain by displaying blogs by categories like personal blogs, sports blogs, economy blogs, entertainment blogs, photo blogs, audio/video blogs, women blogs etc.
This way Readers can quickly navigate to the category of his interest.
Not only the readers can read the most updated blogs in a particular category, but also read them by date.
We have also provided a search facility, where a user can type in the search word and read all the blogs on that topic.
Popular search terms are ‘blasts’, ‘terrorism’, ‘indra nooyi’ etc. People instantly get all the blogs, who have wriiten on such topics.

How to Advertise on eNewss?
Contact us at

Want to talk to us?
Please contact us at

Our future plans:
We continue to invest in improving performance by adding new hardware/software resources. We will continue to evolve and work on search technology. We are looking for investors who can help us speed up the evolution of enewss.
Current projects in mind:
1) Move to a dedicated server
2) Hire a DBA consultant to tune the backend database server for
3) Work on a project to implement search technology.

Please contact us at if you are interested.

Link to us:
We request you to add a link back to us on your blog.
Text link:
Indian bloggers

Please provide us a feedback by rating and adding a comment here.

Best regards
eNewss team


9 Responses

  1. Niladri Roy says:


    I want to link my blog to ENewss, so that the readers of your site can access my content as well . My content is India centric and covers topics like Education , HR , Performance &Talent , Flat World and Technology .

    Hope to hear from you soon


  2. Dear niladri Roy,
    We will go ahead and add your blog to enewss. However, you can submit your blog using our submitrss feature.

    Also, add a link back to us from your blog.
    Indian blogs

    Best regards
    eNewss team

  3. deepdowne says:

    I have just submitted my blog in enewss. But in the rss feed field, I have entered atom.xml feed of my blog as my blog is on blogspot. Is it ok? Or is there an rss feed for my blog? I have not much knowledge about feeds.
    Also, my blog is a personal one. But I couldn’t find a category for personal. Therefore, I have clicked ‘Bits and bytes’ in the concerned field.
    Thanks and regards..

  4. Hi deepdowne,
    We have accepted your blog. Yes, you are right, all personal blogs should go under ‘Bits & Bytes’ which appear under ‘Blogs this and that’ category.


  5. shaleen says:

    is this web in australia
    if it is I would like to do a ad
    looking for a indian cook in sydney
    kind regards
    shaleen chiswell

  6. bibomedia says:


  7. Shaleen,
    No this is based in US. You may be interested to submit your blog feed for free on You don’t have to spend money and will be able to interact with 30+ indian recipe bloggers.
    Hope this helps.

  8. sivaparkavi says:

    Hey.. what happen.. my tamil blog is awaiting for
    review for a long time.. if you reject, please
    inform me..


  9. hackernewbie says:


    I want to add my blog.
    How do I go about doing that?

    I basically write about my travels, random stuff and do reviews of products and services.


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