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Tough posturing on Pakistan more likely — Mumbai terror

With ‘Soft on terrorism’ stigma on the  face of UPA government (read congress party) and the recent Mumbai terror, Manmohan Singh government is all set to steal the show and run with it.  As of now, it appears that BJP has all the ammunition to fire at Congress government and win the state elections in the coming weeks and also parliamentary elections next year. However Congress government will not give BJP an easy run here and can easily turn the ongoing Mumbai terror in its favor and do something before this weekend.

Likely response could be tough posturing against Pakistan and creating war like situation similar to that of 2002 parliament attack. Congress can score many points here in comparison
a) Not negotiating with terrorists for the safe release of hostages even under alleged pressure from US , UK since there are westeners in the group of hostages.
b) Not succumbing to the terrorits demands, UPA government scored another point unlike NDA government which actually released 3 dreaded terrorists during kandahar hijacking incident.
c) UPA can walk extra mile here by pressuring Pakistan to verifiably destroy training camps in Pakistan, POK and also extradite Dawood and LeT chiefs.

All this may take time but the process may start as soon as tomorrow and complete before Parliamentary elections.

Obama administration has to act soon because their strategy for Afghanistan can come under severe strain due to fast changing dynamics in South Asia. Any tough stance from India on Pakistan could alter war on terror on the western borders of Pakistan and soon may go out of control.

America may be forced to intervene and take charge here and this may be exactly what these terrorists may have as one of their goals. Obama’s overtures  on Kashmir may have a lot to do with Mumbai terror. However, this may turn out to be Pakistan’s worst nightmare as America’s intervention may result in destruction of Pakistani terrorist infrastructure including LeT, JeM.

UPA has got a golden oppurtunity to change the image of ‘Soft on Terror’ and this may become BJP’s worst nightmare too.


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No confidence in Indian government

I have no faith in our government and no faith in any of our political outfits to secure India from terrorists. Our political outfits belong to yesterday where there was no terrorism. Today the world is beseiged with terrorists who are employed by weak governments and countries to fight stronger governments and countries on their behalf. Our political parties and men are outdated and not prepared for today’s world. Our political parties and men who leave no stone unturned to mimic Gandhi are good at just petty fights and playing robin hood character in doling out subsidies wasting our tax money.

Its pity that the India has witnessed huge tax collections in the past 5 years due to rise in employement and propsperity. Instead of securing this growth by increasing expenditure in internal security and saving money for future, our government spent in central government em,ployees pay hikes, oil subsidies and write offs of farmer loans.

Now, we are left with no money to do infrastructure spending nor there is any money left to secure our cities, Our finance minister is talking about borrowing to spend on infrastructure to help ailing economy. What a pity.

When you experience growth, you hedge it by securing the growth by spending in infrastructure and security to propell that gorwth. Instead, our government was using the increased tax money flow at its will to dole subsidies and begging the western investors to invest in our infrastructure. We proudly talk of competing with China but fail to understand its growth strategy. Whil china was saving its money and now spending in this downturn, we are tsimply talking and looking to borrow to spend money on infrastructure. Wow.

Who will invest in a country that cannot protect itself? What willl happen to our Hotel company stocks? What will happen to our cricket? What will happen to our economy? Where is the confidence?

Not withstanding the gloomy state affairs, our opposition parties are asking government to drop oil prices. What a shame? To top it all, our government is going to reduce oil prices just before elections.

When terrorists are using sea route and brazenly taking over Mumbai, the whole country is clueless about this incident and have no response. It is shame that future super power and would-be second largest economy in the world has given up its financial capital to few terrorists. What happened to our naval/sea power? What happened to all those billions spent in buying defense equipment?
Why couldn’t we spot the sea boats loaded with terrorists, hand grenades, heavy machine guns and AK-47s?

How could they event enter mumbai city un caught? Don’t we have check posts? Don’t these luxary hotels have security checks at the entrance gates? Don’t these luxary hotels ate Taj and oberoi have video cameras installed?
Part of the blame goes to these luxary hotel management also. Instead of using some of their earnings in installing security equipment, they just want to show fat margins to boost stock prices and pay themselves big. Now look what happened? Reputation earned in the last 100 years has just evaporated in one day. I will sell the stock of these hotel companies as i have no faith in them to protect my investments. These hotels will not get those customers back again.

The blame goes to government in Mumbai and central government. When bunch of terrorists could take over a financial hub like Mumbai, what can we say about our country? Where is the confidence in our government? We have lost our respect in this world? Who will visit Mumbai again or even India?

What will happen to our cricket? We were all laughing when cricket playing nations were cancelling their toors to Pakistan. Look at what happened to us now? Our government was simply sleeping all these days spending all the time to just outbid our opposition parties and trumping them in next elections. Our old mindset political parties are about to breaking our countries nerve and democrarcy.

I lost faith and i don’t no, when it will come back. I am bowing my head in shame. With all due respect to all those killed in Mumbai terror, i am ending this blog post in deep despair.

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Warren Buffet has no choice but to dole out more Billions

Warren Buffet has to do more buying without the guarantee of positive returns. All the rich people who made big have to throw their money in to save the economy. If they don’t, then their Billions will be worth just millions in no time.

His warning of economic pearl harbour will take the toll on everybody including Warren Buffet. Nobody is immune to this collapse, since we all are invested in the markets we created.

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Group of 7 meeting of finance ministers in Washington tomorrow (Oct 9th, 2008)

Group of 7 finance ministers are going to meet and discuss the current global financial crisis. It is not known, if they have any action plan for tomorrow’s meeting. However, they don’t have any control over the crisis and are not going to be successfull. They have to invite emerging countries finance ministers from India, China and South Korea. Gorup of seven will be group of loosers at the end of this financial crisis and there is no other alternative to taking pain now and cruising towards success later. No amount of LipStick to old and tired lips is going to make look good anymore.

The best option available now is to let the dollar value tumble and house prices crash. Liberalize immigration policy to let foreigners come and settle in United States and let them buy homes here. This will help stabilize the markets and United States will get needed foreign currency through which it can buy imports.
Biggest looser will be Opec and China as they are the biggest holders of Dollars. Terrorism will also loose its steam as there will be no funding for it to survive from OPEC.

America needn’t struggle to save jobs at investment banks as these banks shouldn’t have been there in the first place. America should strengthen its manufacturing base and start exporting it to Asia, Europe and Africa as these products will be affordable there because of crashed dollar.
Americans will be happy at the end.

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Indian blog aggregator : enewss has been around for almost 2 years now. It was just a simple script to grab the blog links from a database and place it on the page.  It also had a page for users to submit their blogs rss/atom feeds. That was all in it and it ran successfully for last 2 years aggregating upto 1500 blogs.

Recently enewss went through sea change and added social networking features to bring bloggers and readers onto one platform and get them discussing on their blogs.

The new design adds the features of online reader with social networking features, which allows the readers and bloggers discover new blogs and keep on reading blogs from their friends.

In about a month, enewss had 100 fully registered members and is growing daily.
eNewss is also considering to revamp existing features like ‘adding friends’, ‘creating groups’, ‘submitting blogs’ along with addition of new features like events.

Our game plan for next 2 years is to sponsor blog camp events, increase membership and be known to many indian bloggers. We want to be one of the best Aggregator around in India. Towards that end, we would like to continuously take your feedback and implement them and make it as much blogger friendly as possible.

I would like to appreciate bloggers like Trupthi, Priti and amny more in helping increase the awareness of enewss among recipe bloggers. There are few more bloggers from Kerela who came forward to help us too.

In my honest opinion, enewss still has to go through lots of changes and add new features to be the best and blogger friendly.

We are working for it daily and will keep you all posted.
Best regards

Indian blog aggregator

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Now we can all go to sleep (i hardly slept for the last 3 days)

I was anxious, worried and also scared at the picture that flashed infront of my eyes like dreams flash.

It was all about our parliamentarians sidelining the actual nuclear deal issue and pondering over allignments for the next general election. They were hell bent on sacrificing the nuclear deal to have a seat for 5 more years. Yerran Naidu stupidly said “Heavens won’t fail, if we don’t make this deal happen”. This midset speaks volumes of how our parliamentrians think on crucial national issue.

Nuclear trust vote is done and UPA won is one big relief. Although i don’t approve of the method that was applied to make this happen. This is equally applicable to dubious method adopted by BJP, LEFt, BSP etc. When everybody is a thief, let Robin Hood win the race.

Karat, LK Advani etc must resign and ponder over what they set out to do to this nation.
They should be shamed of themselves for stalling this country for almost a month and bringing shame to our democracy.

Not one has eloquently spoke as to why they opposed the deal.
I will never ever vote for BJP/TDP in my life time. If UPA/Congress fails to deliver, i will abstain from voting but never choose BJP/TDP as my representatives.

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UPA wins the trust vote 275(yes) and 256(no)

Congratulations UPA and manomhan singh.

Here is the news item from timesofindia.

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Nuclear deal or Democratic circle Vs communist Arc?

The actual fight is between UPA and the left and in this fight BJP should have sided with congress for several reasons and biggest and most noticable of which was nuclear deal. However, there is a hidden agenda also which BJP strategists should have accounted for and moved closer to congress to get a secular tag as well as a party with responsibility so that it could be trusted for future big roles in Indian politics.

Coming back to Democratic circle vs Communist arc, Communists had a pipe dream (a very distant dream indeed) to bring India into the fold of Russia and China to form a communist arc to fight against what they perceive as Western Hegemony. If you track the statements of communists from last 4 years, they made no secret of their pro china statements, pro iran statements and split venom against united states. Even though China and Russia don’t treat their Indian counterparts as trustworthy in their games, communists are trying hard to prove to them that they are very much aligned with their ideology and could some day form a stronger communist arc.

The nuclear deal on the other hand from United States was indeed a step in the forward direction to encircle china with democratic countries such as Australia, Japan, India etc.

Left was all set to break this democratic circling of China and started a long campaign by spreading misinformation about the deal and also made pro iran statements.

UPA set out to defeat the Left’s borrowed idealogy and their pipe dream by alligning with United States. China too is in a bind to support the deal, otherwise we will be clearly in the Democratic circle camp poking at china.

BJP not sensing this cold war got quickly sucked into this storm and got blown away from firmer ground to that of weaker ground and may even be bown to oblivion with the emergence of mayawathi camp.

BJP lost a golden oppurtunity to increase their voter base by alligning with Congress on this nuclear deal. BJP’s blind belief was that UPA will loose the trust vote and there will be mid term elections and they also made a stupid assumption that they will win the mid term elections because of their recent electoral wins.

BJPs calculations are so very wrong and they may even end up winning MP seats in single digits only this time. BJP lost the votes of skilled masses who very well understand the nuclear deal. BJP will almost loose the MP seats in all major cities too.

BJP can only breath easy for few months by letting UPA win the trust vote now and break the Third front alliance. Left parties may have also cheated BJP showing them the prospect of mid term elections. However, Left was working hard to prevent a mid term election as well as installing Mayawathi government(looks impossible, but may be possible with congress support).

BJP is the biggest loooser in this game. THey have proved to be the dumbest of all parties

UPA has clearly and selectively broke the back of BJP and Left.

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Lal Salaam Advani (name change for Lal Krishna Advani)

BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate has flip flopped on Nuclear deal and his name also went through political gyrations. Lal Salaam Advani is the new name ever since he aligned with Left parties for pretty politics.
It was Ram Janma Bhoomi earlier and now its Nuclear deal and could be something else as long as BJP is not in power.

There is huge chance of bigger splits in BJP, Left and BSP parties. Amar Singh’s influence cannot be under estimated. He can flow money to the vacilitating MPs from his industrial mentors. NO matter what it takes, they have the will and money to get the numbers and that will happen.

TDP and some other smaller parties may surprise wither by split or by switch. Anything can happen in Indian politics.
BJP, Left, BSP will be in soupe if elections happen sooner or later. By giving the nuclear deal a communal angle, they have done a great danger to the Society and will be hard to erase.
BJP will loose becasue Left, BSP and splinter groups such as TDP will never let BJP take power in the center.

This was the golden oppurtunity for BJP to get a secular tag by aligning with UPA on nuclear deal.
They have lost it all.

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Cable service players FDI cap may soon be revised

In order to give level playing field for cable operators on par with telecom players, TRAI is all set to succumb to the longing demand from cable service providers for raising the FDI cap to 74% from current 49% limit.
WWIL formet siticable and a subsidiary of Zee, will be direct beneficiary of this recommendation and subsequent approval from I&B ministry.
WWIL being largest MSO with 6-7 million subscribers may attract private equity investors or foreign investors like Comcast.
WWIL is on its path to increase its subscriber base by offering several value added services.
Please read further on FDI cap related latest news at

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