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Chalthi kya Raj Bhavan? Rs 1000 per person per hour!

Raj bhavan has been virtually turned into Prostitution bhavan or Sani bhavan by Congress nominee N.D Tiwari. N.D Tiwari’s act has  bought disgrace to the Governor office, title and role.

This episode should bring in needed discussion on ethics in politics. There are scores of Politicians in roles such as MLAs, MPs, CMs, PMs and Ministers etc who abuse their power for their selfish needs and also try to strengthen their personal or family businesses.
A process should kick in now to tackle issues such as high level corruption that happens in power corridors. Strong laws to prevent criminals from entering into politics.
Strong laws to punish culprits who destroy public properties to demonstrate their street power politics in meeting their political deeds they can’t achieve through democratic process.


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Scrap the law that says Child labor is crime.

Obviously abuse of any kind especially child abuse should be punishable. So, Urvashi should be punished for abusing the 10 year old. This issue should be treated as a child abuse and should not be mixed up with Child labor issue as the two are different issues and are very complex to deal with. Even though urvashi committed 2 crimes under existing laws, we should not be screaming about child labor as there are many who break this law. There are many construction companies who employ child labors. There are many kids employed by film industry and film fraternity. It would be very easy to catch many child labor offenders and our jails won’t be enough to fill them up.

Until the following is achieved

  1. Compulsory education to all children below 14 years and a monthly remuneration to the poor families who send their kids to schools.
  2. Banning begging by children below 14 years
  3. Rigorous punishment for employing children.

Unless the above conditions are met  and few more holes that i may not list  here are covered by the government, we cannot put in a law that bans Child labor. It is very easy to make a law, but to create an environment where there is an incentive for children under 14 coming from poor families to go to school is difficult. Otherwise, these kids who by virtue of law are put out of workl force and hence  may end up begging or resort to crime without work.

Zoya Akhtar says we need strong laws to prevent Child labor. But how can she be blind to Child artists (especially reality shows based on children) in film industry? That is also considered Child labor. How can she remain blind to many under aged children working directly and or indirectly for film industry? These are something closer to her profession and she should look there rather than echoing a well known position on Child Labor.

We can sort of agree on a middle ground to help under aged children in the interim. Anyone who employs children should also take care of their education. It is sort of adoption and creating a good environment for the kids in return for help from them.

Government should create evening schools and colleges for such children. This is one such solution that makes sense for countries like India.

Farah Khan has a point that there are two sides to this issue.

Let us not create laws that are meaningless. Let us look at the Indian context of this problem rather than echo a position that suits Western countries. There will be other fallouts in reaction to banning child labor that will be impossible to deal with in India. Let us plug other fallouts of which i listed few.

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