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Premium domain name on sale

I am inviting interested individuals and organizations to send in your requests for this premium and brandable domain name.
The key words in this domain are self explanatory and need no clarification or explanation. There are many business’s that can be started using this domain. domain can be used to provide news alerts, real time stock quotes, real times sports alerts or real time chart services etc.

Why buy a premium domain, when you can register a domain for less than 10 bucks?
Yes, you can register a domain name for less than 10 bucks but that domain name may not be a brandable name nor that can easily be memorable. Premium domains are virtual estates just like real estates. There are very few out their that you can own for the type of business you want to do.

Instead of spending huge money for marketing and SEO placements, its worth to spend that much on a domain name and improve success rate.

You can reach us by emailing at infoATenewssDOTcom
AT = @
DOT = .


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valuable and brandable domain names i have

I have long been searching and buying domains i think are valuable and brandable. The domain name is definitely key for any service to succeed. This is because of the traffic that search engines like google and yahoo can send it to you free of cost. Again, whether a domain name is valuable or brandable is personal perception and that parception differs from person to person.

My very own list of premium domains is

This domain name is very much valuable and can be easily branded to sell services related to diet.

This domain name clearly reflects a market that is under served on the web. This domain name can be used to provide a service to rent conference rooms, list events, list hotel & motel rooms and list local clubs. PackedRooms just reflects the service very aptly.

3) , : These domain names which very much are related to blogging world. They can be used to showcause blogs and or start a blog network. These domains are definitely valuable and premium domains.

4) : This domain can be used for social networking,

Hope you like the list and i am open to your feedback on this list of domains iam prepared to sell.
I have even applied for sedo top domain listings as well as premium domain listing.


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