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Silly Serve from Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza’s decision to marry Shoab malik and Mirza family’s press statements therafter proves that the whole affair was not properly planned. Now that this is in public domain, there are only few options left for Sania mirza.

I agree that the Sania’s  decision to marry a Pakistani cricketer is personal and i respect that. However what is not personal is her decision to still represent India. Hey, leave that to my personal opinion.

It appears that their strategy to marry Pakistani cricketer and to convince Indians by making statements that she will hold Indian passport and still represent India internationally has completely gone wrong.

First question before going into details is, why even settle in Dubai after marriage, why not in India? Anyways, Shoab is participating in IPL and he has no future in Pakistan while Sania has great future in India with or without Tennis. Why not both of them make India their home?

This is my guess: Sania’s intention of holding Indian passport and represent India is not out of concern for Indian fans, but out of concern that she will loose future advertising contracts and will be breaking many of the existing contracts.
If she represents Pakistan or Dubai, she will get none of those lucrative deals as she will not have million’s of Indian fans.

My sincere advise to Sania in particular and Mirzas in general is to go take the poison pill of trusting the Pakistani batsman and entering into a wedlock.
I personally don’t approve of her representing India, when Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in India.


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