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Sania going to be second wife of a liar and that too to a Pakistani?

I fail to understand the rationale and urge of Sania mirza to get married to Shoab malik.
This person has proven to be a liar and also in the midst of match fixing.  Sania being on top in India and getting married to someone at the bottom in Pakistan is really confusing.

I am guessing that Sania will call off her wedding to Shoab, if they are not already Wedded in Dubai as per some news publications.



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Silly Serve from Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza’s decision to marry Shoab malik and Mirza family’s press statements therafter proves that the whole affair was not properly planned. Now that this is in public domain, there are only few options left for Sania mirza.

I agree that the Sania’s  decision to marry a Pakistani cricketer is personal and i respect that. However what is not personal is her decision to still represent India. Hey, leave that to my personal opinion.

It appears that their strategy to marry Pakistani cricketer and to convince Indians by making statements that she will hold Indian passport and still represent India internationally has completely gone wrong.

First question before going into details is, why even settle in Dubai after marriage, why not in India? Anyways, Shoab is participating in IPL and he has no future in Pakistan while Sania has great future in India with or without Tennis. Why not both of them make India their home?

This is my guess: Sania’s intention of holding Indian passport and represent India is not out of concern for Indian fans, but out of concern that she will loose future advertising contracts and will be breaking many of the existing contracts.
If she represents Pakistan or Dubai, she will get none of those lucrative deals as she will not have million’s of Indian fans.

My sincere advise to Sania in particular and Mirzas in general is to go take the poison pill of trusting the Pakistani batsman and entering into a wedlock.
I personally don’t approve of her representing India, when Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in India.

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Both Shiv Sena and SRK are to be blamed for non screening of MNIK in Mumbai

Let us first blame the state government in Maharashtra that has failed to guarantee the security to screen the MNIK in Mumbai. The state government has given into the verbal threats of Shiv Sena. This is an utter failure of Law and democracy. The existing laws are sufficient to arrest the idiot Bal Thackeray and his goons for taking law into their hands and threatening the theaters.

Shiv is 100% wrong and its supremo and bunch of his goons needs to be sent to jail.

SRK: Shah rukh khan has biggest share of this blame. Now that theaters have come out in open to not screen his movie My Name is Khan, he is now speaking of his non-negotiable integrity which is shaky to begin with. I ask him few questions
1) Where was his integrity, when he issued an unwarranted press statement that “Pakistani players should have been selected in the IPL”. Why didn’t he mention, why he didn’t pick Pakistani players for the IPL? His statements have actually wrongly conveyed the message to Pakistani people that the decision not to take Pakistani players was not his, but some external powers. While the actual reason was not political, but purely business. IPL is a private enterprise and government has no role in it.
2) Wasn’t his desire to make MNIK a bigger success than 3 idiots, that prompted him to issue the press release related to non inclusion of Pakistan players in IPL?
Actually he wanted MNIK to be a big success in Pakistan which could help him eclipse the 3 Idiots success and beat Amir Khan.

Without proper planning and thinking, he made series of mistakes in run up to the release of MNIK. The first one being the Newark international airport fiasco.

The second one being IPL fiasco and third being the talk of his integrity. His integrity is questionable. He has actually talked about personally meeting Bal Thackarray to beg him not to stop the screening of MNIK.
Hope he learns the lessons.

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Haqqani terror network is Pakistan’s bargaining chip

The scant talk of War on terrorism by Obama in his State of Union address and few unofficial debates of end game in Afghanistan has prompted Pakistani general Kayani to come out in open officially and state their intention of mediating between West and Afghanistan Taliban (actually Pakistan supported Haqqani network which is attacking Nato and American troops in Afghanistan).

It appears that there is an official admission on the side of Pakistan of their influence with Haqqani’s terror network which they want to use to pursue a strategic depth in Afghanistan. This dreaded network is what Pakistan wants to be part of future government setup in Afghanistan.  This centrally and squarely put the entire blame on Pakistan for supporting terrorism in the region. A Similar admission by ex President Musharraf related to Kashmiri terrorists and their influence with them has proven beyond doubt that Pakistan as a state is problem and not a key to solution.

Given this background, how West can justify their exit from Afghanistan and declare victory by agreeing to share power with Haqqani’s network in Afghanistan is to be seen. This will be the biggest joke of this century, if West did agree to this formula.

Or, something else could be cooking behind the scenes. By floating these rumours of West’s exit, they wanted to see Pakistan’s reactions and exactly that is what happened. Pakistan now stands nakedly open and they will be in much more trouble, if West doesn’t back their idea of accommodation of Haqqani’s network in Afghanistan.

Anyway’s Kayani’s statement’s has put Pakistan in the center of storm by acknowledging their influence with dreaded terror network. They have to live with the consequences.

Let us see what happens.

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