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Common wealth games or Self wealth games?

These are common questions that almost everybody has by now and possible answers to few of them

1) Why did Kalmadi and gang delay the start of the projects related to CWG?
Ans) They delayed by more than a year to give themselves time to setup fictious entities in and outside of the country to loot the Indian citizens. They have pre-selected group of companies to award contracts and have worked out to buy/grant shares to themselves.

2) Why nobody in Delhi state government or Central government raise eyebrows?
Ans) Because all key members are party to this open loot.

Was there no honest individual at all who could have looked into this whole episode and leaked it to the media or relevant agencies to stop the corruption madness? Didn’t these idiots care about the respect that India will loose if these games turned into total failure? It appears that we are headed towards total failure because of poor standards in almost all the projects related to sport events.

What a shame. We don’t have any auditing standards or checks and bounds.  How can we put a stop to this level of corruption?

Who is answerable to people?


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Twitter Tharoor now part of cattle class politicians


Finally Tharoor is neither new breed young politician with a difference nor is he a intelligent techno politician.
What a fool he is to send text messages to Modi to influence IPL auction? What a complete moron he is to indirectly take bribe through his future to-be-wife.

India is a place where majority of people doesn’t believe in team work. That is the reason, why Modi thinks he is alone responsible for IPL success and hence he should alone reap the benefits. So, he ran the IPL empire as if he is the boss with no second authority in sight. He became so greedy that he chooses who should own the IPL franchise and who should own the media distribution rights.

Government should investigate the flow of illegal money into the country. This money is causing real estate prices to rise unimaginably high making home ownership costly for common man.  This illegal money is the reason, why IPL franchise ownership is running into millions of dollars with no known sources of profitability. It appears as if super rich are playing games among themselves and for their own entertainment.

Every bidder past, present or future should submit last 10 years of tax filings and show proof of the money that whatever they are putting in for IPL is earned lawfully.

Show modi and tharoor the exit door, so they can be on Twitter full time amusing the followers.


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Sania going to be second wife of a liar and that too to a Pakistani?

I fail to understand the rationale and urge of Sania mirza to get married to Shoab malik.
This person has proven to be a liar and also in the midst of match fixing.  Sania being on top in India and getting married to someone at the bottom in Pakistan is really confusing.

I am guessing that Sania will call off her wedding to Shoab, if they are not already Wedded in Dubai as per some news publications.


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Silly Serve from Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza’s decision to marry Shoab malik and Mirza family’s press statements therafter proves that the whole affair was not properly planned. Now that this is in public domain, there are only few options left for Sania mirza.

I agree that the Sania’s  decision to marry a Pakistani cricketer is personal and i respect that. However what is not personal is her decision to still represent India. Hey, leave that to my personal opinion.

It appears that their strategy to marry Pakistani cricketer and to convince Indians by making statements that she will hold Indian passport and still represent India internationally has completely gone wrong.

First question before going into details is, why even settle in Dubai after marriage, why not in India? Anyways, Shoab is participating in IPL and he has no future in Pakistan while Sania has great future in India with or without Tennis. Why not both of them make India their home?

This is my guess: Sania’s intention of holding Indian passport and represent India is not out of concern for Indian fans, but out of concern that she will loose future advertising contracts and will be breaking many of the existing contracts.
If she represents Pakistan or Dubai, she will get none of those lucrative deals as she will not have million’s of Indian fans.

My sincere advise to Sania in particular and Mirzas in general is to go take the poison pill of trusting the Pakistani batsman and entering into a wedlock.
I personally don’t approve of her representing India, when Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in India.

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Students agitating for seperate Telangana are missing a point

Students and everybody who counts themselves as youth has a stake in separate Telangana, but they are not the only stakeholders. Students should back off from confrontational mindset and go back to their academics and let other opinions also count.

There are no saner voices among Student bodies agitating for seperate Telangana. Politicians are simply using them as tissue paper to meet  their greedy ends. Separate Telangana agitation is much bigger cause which needs consensus and accumulation of opinions of different sections of our society (off course Student opinion is one of them).

However several student bodies are misbehaving and are trying to take the whole agitation into their hands. They are trying to shoot their opinion to the front by dwarfing every other opinion. This is completely wrong and not the correct approach. Students should register opinions and let it reach the correct channels and go about their studies.

They have no business in hitting the road every other day calling bandh and destroying public property and hitting people & representatives with counter opinions. This is not democracy.

It is also important to note that most of the agitators are not real students. They have been heavily influenced by political youth wings and also Maoists for their selfish ends.

I definitely don’t want a 19 year old Yadiah to die for a cause that affects me. I want mature people and responsible people to take this up and discuss it in all angles. I want this agitation to end with a resolution to increased spending in rural Telangana regions and rightful share of resources and funds.


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Shashi Tharoor crying like chicken on Twitter

Shashi tharoor found an easy way out in registering his protest and displeassure on new visa guidelines. He thought it was simple to post 140 charcaters on twitter instead of clarifying his views on new visa guidelines which could have taken hours or even days to fight it out with other members in his department.

Advise to Minister of state for external affairs, Shahsi tharoor: Tax payers are paying you monthly wages and reimbursing your five star hotel stays not to tweet, but to team up with other members in your team and reason out with them in shaping the guidelines and making our country safe. We want you to work hard in making your views clear to them and contribute your mite to the security of this nation and its progress. We don’t like it, when you put your cry baby face on twitter and garner sympathy in front of twitter crowd who may not have all the gory details you have. Be a man and defend your views within the 4 walls of the ministry or else ressign and tweet full time. If people with powers are showing helplessness, impatience and are irresponsibly fighting it out in the open, what kind of confidence are you giving us?
It is we, who should tweet and blog because thats what we are good at doing. We have given you privillege to do the the stuff we can’t.

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Chalthi kya Raj Bhavan? Rs 1000 per person per hour!

Raj bhavan has been virtually turned into Prostitution bhavan or Sani bhavan by Congress nominee N.D Tiwari. N.D Tiwari’s act has  bought disgrace to the Governor office, title and role.

This episode should bring in needed discussion on ethics in politics. There are scores of Politicians in roles such as MLAs, MPs, CMs, PMs and Ministers etc who abuse their power for their selfish needs and also try to strengthen their personal or family businesses.
A process should kick in now to tackle issues such as high level corruption that happens in power corridors. Strong laws to prevent criminals from entering into politics.
Strong laws to punish culprits who destroy public properties to demonstrate their street power politics in meeting their political deeds they can’t achieve through democratic process.

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Laghe Rahon SRK continues at Times Of India news paper

Times of India is yet again proving to be a news paper with content that is based on quantity rather than quality. No wonder SRK figures on more search pages in google rather than Brad Pitt.

NyTimes and other newspapers covered SRK episode in one article summing up opinions of several people, while Times Of India keeps generating one article per one opinion from one person.

In a matter of 2 days, TOI has  written several articles on SRK episode.
TOI has come up with seperate articles on what Priyanka chopra, Karan Johar,  Ambika soni, Aviation minister. Farah Khan
Except Karan almost all of the opinions are based on arguments that can easily be countered by a person of least IQ.

Ambika Soni: Check your tongue before knee jerk reactions

Priyanka: Why should an Immigration official know, who SRK was? He may be God in India, but again America is land where even God has to follow rules.

Farah Khan: Why should immigration official search online about SRK? It is not the job of this immigration official to do so. He is mandated to check few things and ask few questions to verify the visitors.

If SRK had answered his first few questions properly and to the point, he would have left airport in no time.

To Times Of India newspaper:  Give up on SRK and move on.

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‘My Name is Khan’ Movie Review: Thumbs Down

My Name is Khan is a bollywood movie based on racial profiling of Muslims particularly of Asian descent.  This movie is yet to be released, but with the background of the recent controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan at Newark International airport w.r.t his 2 hour ordeal by immigration officials, we can conclude that movie is based on pre conceived notion of bias towards muslims by united states. I can guess that this will be a big budget sub standard movie that is taken solely to en cash on the negative sentiments about US war on terrorism, US immigration systems and rules.

The way Shah Rukh Khan cried foul of racial discrimination because of his last name being Khan explains his level of understanding of the subject. I will not be the one to watch this movie in the first week of its release. This movie at best is as good as his attitude towards immigration official and as good as his understanding of rules and regulations.

Shah Rukh Khan is now on the same scale as Emraan hashimi who has scant respect towards rules and regulations. They do not have patience to understand nor follow procedures to get their ends meet, so they take the shortcut of abusing their star status by crying foul in the media who as usual are hungry for any content.

Emraan has no patience to get No Object certificate, so he threatens the residential society of racial discrimination in media.
Shah Rukh Khan does not have patience to answer his questions straight nor he thinks he should be treated on par with other passengers. So he takes the shortcut to the media with a case of Religious profiling.

The same thing happened with former Indian cricket team captain (Azharuddin) who also took shelter of belonging to minority community and cried foul of bias after serving 10+ years as cricketer in Indian squad.
In not so distant past, Kambli another cricketer from minority community cried foul before media of bias again after serving so many years in the Indian cricket squad. His complain is all about not getting enough number of times a chance to prove his mettle.

I belong to majority community and media has no place for my tears. O lord, give me a chance to be reborn again as minority community member, if i happened to be re-born to  Indian parents.

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Even God is second in line to a VIP: This happens only in India

VIP culture is creating a very bad name to India. Unless Government steps in and issues strong statement and policy change, things will never improve. We will continue to see this over and over forever.

Redefinition: VIP means ‘Very Ignorant Person’.

While Government takes a stand on this issue, India should start issuing VIP cards to all VIPs in India in addition to Diplomatic passports to those who served and or serving  higher up in Government.  VIP cards should be given to all Sportsmen,  Sportswomen,  Bollywood stars, MPs, MLAs etc. The VIP card should strictly specify the following protocol
a) All employees of all Airlines, airports, government offices,  monuments, railway stations and bus stations of any country/state anywhere in the world, upon seeing the VIP card should bow their head to the person showing his/her  VIP card and walk him through a special door to the destination bypassing the commoners.

b) All VIPs should never be made to stand in line or wait for any service anywhere on this planet. They should be the first one to get service, even if God is standing in line.

c) All employees and or common public anywhere on this planet should act as if they know the VIP personally . This VIP should be idolized like a God for 5 minutes and then accompany him to the intended destination.  Showering praises and flowers at his/her feet is also acceptable, but watering his feet is more accepted and welcome.

Government of India should talk to Oxford dictionary officials and get the word ‘chamchagiri’ defined as this is important word to be known and well understood by everyone on this planet, so that they can treat Indian VIPs good enough.

Did i miss anything?

Oh yes i forgot about Bollywood. The term bollywood should be taught to every kid on this planet before alphabets are taught and more importantly, they should have a special chapter on Khans.

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