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Common wealth games or Self wealth games?

These are common questions that almost everybody has by now and possible answers to few of them

1) Why did Kalmadi and gang delay the start of the projects related to CWG?
Ans) They delayed by more than a year to give themselves time to setup fictious entities in and outside of the country to loot the Indian citizens. They have pre-selected group of companies to award contracts and have worked out to buy/grant shares to themselves.

2) Why nobody in Delhi state government or Central government raise eyebrows?
Ans) Because all key members are party to this open loot.

Was there no honest individual at all who could have looked into this whole episode and leaked it to the media or relevant agencies to stop the corruption madness? Didn’t these idiots care about the respect that India will loose if these games turned into total failure? It appears that we are headed towards total failure because of poor standards in almost all the projects related to sport events.

What a shame. We don’t have any auditing standards or checks and bounds.¬† How can we put a stop to this level of corruption?

Who is answerable to people?


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Suresh Kalmadi wants Rahul Gandhi as Leader for 2010 CWG

Organizing committe chairman Suresh Kalmadi wants to rope in Rahul as Leader of the games as per TOI report.

Here are my questions to Suresh Kalmadi

1) Can you define what role could Rahul play as Leader?
2) Leader for what aspects of the game and what are his qualifications for that?
3) What kind of leadership role could Rahul play at this late stage ? Could you define the metrics for that role?
4) What kind of advice you have been taking from Rahul  and why and in what capacity? Is that ethically correct?

CWG Organising Committee

Chairman Suresh Kalmadi is eyeing to rope in

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