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Indian bloggism better than Indian journalism

I have no doubt in my mind that Indian bloggers are in much better shape than Indian journalists in shaping this nation. Most of Indian journalists are short sighted, jingoists and don’t see the larger picture in their reporting or in the topic they are reporting on. Indian journalists are trigger happy and often confuse their readers by mixing personal opinion and the news item in the same article. There are many many incidents where Indian media has grossly misled the nation on many important issues.

Indian media has not done a good job in researching the attacks on Indians in Australia before carrying several articles and have given racial color to each and every incident. Indian media has not done thorough job in recent IPL fiasco and have confused the Indian and Pakistani public by falsely reporting Governmental influence in final decision making. Indian media has done huge disservice by not carrying correct opinions/editorials on US India civil nuclear deal.
On one side i am very unhappy with the Indian journalism and on the other side, i am worried as to how this irresponsible lot of journalists can shape Indian minds going forward.

Hope we see better media both in print and electronic in future.


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Best time to be part of Indian economy’s growth is now!

Indian stock market was punished for reasons that are short term in nature like excessive speculation in indices, too many loopholes in the system, downtrend in US economy etc.

Indian economy can provide cushion for all those who are loosing in US economy. As of today, Indian markets saw sudden influx of money from global speculators. Indian economy needs sustainable continuous flow of money for really long term to give good returns. This is good for economy and also for investors. Indian economy needs huge investments in road, rail, telecommunications, digital cable and air infrastructure. There is lot of money to be made in service sector. Era of Indian consumerism has just begun and it is here to stay. India will see US like gigantic economic boom and will sustain for several up and down economic cycles because of billion plus people.

I am invested in Indian market and i am here for long term.

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Indian blog aggregator : enewss has been around for almost 2 years now. It was just a simple script to grab the blog links from a database and place it on the page.  It also had a page for users to submit their blogs rss/atom feeds. That was all in it and it ran successfully for last 2 years aggregating upto 1500 blogs.

Recently enewss went through sea change and added social networking features to bring bloggers and readers onto one platform and get them discussing on their blogs.

The new design adds the features of online reader with social networking features, which allows the readers and bloggers discover new blogs and keep on reading blogs from their friends.

In about a month, enewss had 100 fully registered members and is growing daily.
eNewss is also considering to revamp existing features like ‘adding friends’, ‘creating groups’, ‘submitting blogs’ along with addition of new features like events.

Our game plan for next 2 years is to sponsor blog camp events, increase membership and be known to many indian bloggers. We want to be one of the best Aggregator around in India. Towards that end, we would like to continuously take your feedback and implement them and make it as much blogger friendly as possible.

I would like to appreciate bloggers like Trupthi, Priti and amny more in helping increase the awareness of enewss among recipe bloggers. There are few more bloggers from Kerela who came forward to help us too.

In my honest opinion, enewss still has to go through lots of changes and add new features to be the best and blogger friendly.

We are working for it daily and will keep you all posted.
Best regards

Indian blog aggregator

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Indian bloggers social networking platform launched has been working quietly on a social networking platform for Indian Bloggers for sometime. This newer version is still under testing and is open for signups from Indian bloggers.
You can access the new release from

Features in this new release
1) Bloggers can aggregate all their india blogs from several blogging platforms like wordpress, typepad, blogspot, indiatimes, rediff etc onto enewss and access them.
2) Bloggers can very easily navigate to other bloggers profiles and know more about their blogs and make friends with them.
3) Like minded bloggers can also form groups and communicate with other members and exchange ideas.
4) Casual readers who don’t have blogs can also become members and read bloggers opinion on several topics like technology, politics, economy etc.

We hope that you will all like this new endeavor from us and appreciate our efforts.

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