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Both Shiv Sena and SRK are to be blamed for non screening of MNIK in Mumbai

Let us first blame the state government in Maharashtra that has failed to guarantee the security to screen the MNIK in Mumbai. The state government has given into the verbal threats of Shiv Sena. This is an utter failure of Law and democracy. The existing laws are sufficient to arrest the idiot Bal Thackeray and his goons for taking law into their hands and threatening the theaters.

Shiv is 100% wrong and its supremo and bunch of his goons needs to be sent to jail.

SRK: Shah rukh khan has biggest share of this blame. Now that theaters have come out in open to not screen his movie My Name is Khan, he is now speaking of his non-negotiable integrity which is shaky to begin with. I ask him few questions
1) Where was his integrity, when he issued an unwarranted press statement that “Pakistani players should have been selected in the IPL”. Why didn’t he mention, why he didn’t pick Pakistani players for the IPL? His statements have actually wrongly conveyed the message to Pakistani people that the decision not to take Pakistani players was not his, but some external powers. While the actual reason was not political, but purely business. IPL is a private enterprise and government has no role in it.
2) Wasn’t his desire to make MNIK a bigger success than 3 idiots, that prompted him to issue the press release related to non inclusion of Pakistan players in IPL?
Actually he wanted MNIK to be a big success in Pakistan which could help him eclipse the 3 Idiots success and beat Amir Khan.

Without proper planning and thinking, he made series of mistakes in run up to the release of MNIK. The first one being the Newark international airport fiasco.

The second one being IPL fiasco and third being the talk of his integrity. His integrity is questionable. He has actually talked about personally meeting Bal Thackarray to beg him not to stop the screening of MNIK.
Hope he learns the lessons.


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‘My Name is Khan’ Movie Review: Thumbs Down

My Name is Khan is a bollywood movie based on racial profiling of Muslims particularly of Asian descent.  This movie is yet to be released, but with the background of the recent controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan at Newark International airport w.r.t his 2 hour ordeal by immigration officials, we can conclude that movie is based on pre conceived notion of bias towards muslims by united states. I can guess that this will be a big budget sub standard movie that is taken solely to en cash on the negative sentiments about US war on terrorism, US immigration systems and rules.

The way Shah Rukh Khan cried foul of racial discrimination because of his last name being Khan explains his level of understanding of the subject. I will not be the one to watch this movie in the first week of its release. This movie at best is as good as his attitude towards immigration official and as good as his understanding of rules and regulations.

Shah Rukh Khan is now on the same scale as Emraan hashimi who has scant respect towards rules and regulations. They do not have patience to understand nor follow procedures to get their ends meet, so they take the shortcut of abusing their star status by crying foul in the media who as usual are hungry for any content.

Emraan has no patience to get No Object certificate, so he threatens the residential society of racial discrimination in media.
Shah Rukh Khan does not have patience to answer his questions straight nor he thinks he should be treated on par with other passengers. So he takes the shortcut to the media with a case of Religious profiling.

The same thing happened with former Indian cricket team captain (Azharuddin) who also took shelter of belonging to minority community and cried foul of bias after serving 10+ years as cricketer in Indian squad.
In not so distant past, Kambli another cricketer from minority community cried foul before media of bias again after serving so many years in the Indian cricket squad. His complain is all about not getting enough number of times a chance to prove his mettle.

I belong to majority community and media has no place for my tears. O lord, give me a chance to be reborn again as minority community member, if i happened to be re-born to  Indian parents.

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