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Shashi Tharoor crying like chicken on Twitter

Shashi tharoor found an easy way out in registering his protest and displeassure on new visa guidelines. He thought it was simple to post 140 charcaters on twitter instead of clarifying his views on new visa guidelines which could have taken hours or even days to fight it out with other members in his department.

Advise to Minister of state for external affairs, Shahsi tharoor: Tax payers are paying you monthly wages and reimbursing your five star hotel stays not to tweet, but to team up with other members in your team and reason out with them in shaping the guidelines and making our country safe. We want you to work hard in making your views clear to them and contribute your mite to the security of this nation and its progress. We don’t like it, when you put your cry baby face on twitter and garner sympathy in front of twitter crowd who may not have all the gory details you have. Be a man and defend your views within the 4 walls of the ministry or else ressign and tweet full time. If people with powers are showing helplessness, impatience and are irresponsibly fighting it out in the open, what kind of confidence are you giving us?
It is we, who should tweet and blog because thats what we are good at doing. We have given you privillege to do the the stuff we can’t.


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