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Students agitating for seperate Telangana are missing a point

Students and everybody who counts themselves as youth has a stake in separate Telangana, but they are not the only stakeholders. Students should back off from confrontational mindset and go back to their academics and let other opinions also count.

There are no saner voices among Student bodies agitating for seperate Telangana. Politicians are simply using them as tissue paper to meet  their greedy ends. Separate Telangana agitation is much bigger cause which needs consensus and accumulation of opinions of different sections of our society (off course Student opinion is one of them).

However several student bodies are misbehaving and are trying to take the whole agitation into their hands. They are trying to shoot their opinion to the front by dwarfing every other opinion. This is completely wrong and not the correct approach. Students should register opinions and let it reach the correct channels and go about their studies.

They have no business in hitting the road every other day calling bandh and destroying public property and hitting people & representatives with counter opinions. This is not democracy.

It is also important to note that most of the agitators are not real students. They have been heavily influenced by political youth wings and also Maoists for their selfish ends.

I definitely don’t want a 19 year old Yadiah to die for a cause that affects me. I want mature people and responsible people to take this up and discuss it in all angles. I want this agitation to end with a resolution to increased spending in rural Telangana regions and rightful share of resources and funds.



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Non partisan view on Telangana is the only way out

Congress party’s age old partisan politics and “what is in it for me” attitude has done greater damage for itself in dealing with Telangana issue. Sonia Gandhi has lost credibility in her knee jerk reaction to KCR’s hunger strike and announcement of separate telangana overnight and that day being her birthday also added to the controversy.

It is time now to start afresh consultations with opposition parties, people and come to consensus on the agitation of Telanganites. It is time to review the allegations of water allocations, fund allocations and influx of people from other regions into Telangana and rendering localites jobless. It is time to take this agitation away from street goondas and real estate brokers who have used every trick in the book to showcause what they can do.

Separate Telangana or United Andhra Pradesh, following things are must for review
1) Fresh look at all water projects that were planned but not implemented, planned but left half done.
2) Fresh look at allocation of funds
3) Rename the state to Telugu pradesh, if United state is still an option.
4) Creating leaders from Telangana region, by giving opportunity to localites for various positions within the government.
5) Creation of educational infrastructure in Telangan region
6) Spending additional 10% of all tax money generated from Hyderabad for Telangana upliftment.


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Sonia cuts Andhra cake on her birthday

In 2009 assembly elections people have vehemently rejected TRS and TDP combine who fought on seperate statehood issue. Elections are the only way people can express their wish and thats what they did. How can Sonia sideline people’s wish and gift a birthday present and decide separate statehood for Telangana?

How can state cover up its inability to provide security by midnight statement of bifurcation? I completely agree with MLAs and MPs resigning en mass as a protest against unilaterism of Congress high command.

Is Sonia’s word more powerfull than people’s vote? How can they pass resolution if MLAs resign in large numbers?
It is interesting to see. CM Rosiah is too weak to handle the responsibilities. He should put in his papers and retire. Let their be fresh elections.

Allocation of more funds to Telangana was the solution and not bifurcation. How will Telangana survive on its own?

Newspapers have done a lousy job, Fearing attacks they have not written articles for or against the statehood issue. They are like political entities who look after their property and business. The value of the content they produce for the growth of their society is nill.


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Telangana movement?? But for what?

When people have repeatedly voted against the seperate Telangana state, why should the state succumb to few people who are hell bent on seperate Telanagana for their selfish needs?
Why can’t justice take its course and punish those who are taking matters to the extreme by indulging in goondaism?
Is it people’s movement? If it is then why didn’t people voted the TRS,TDP and BJP to power or atleast maximum seats in Telanaga region?
Do you characterize the rasta roko, rail roko and chal assembly has people’s wish?

I don’t understand why TDP supremo is doing the same mistake twice? I simply don’t understand why my leader whom i adore is misbehaving and mis-charecterizing these pressure tactics as people’s wish for seperate Telangana?

TRS has no agenda and they have no backing. This party is made up of few individuals who have no interest in running the state.
Seperate Telangana would be a disaster in making for state of AP and also India.


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Telangana verdict out: Want development

People of Telangana dumped empty rhetorics for real development.
The byepoll results should serve as a warning to oppurtunistic policticians who were on the verge of jumping ship from two main polictical parties to join TRS ahead of byepolls. They were also putting undue pressure on Congress and TDP to take a stand on Telangana issue.
Now, lets come back to TRS party which had no agenda to go into this byepoll.
TRS is a new party started by vexed politicians from congress and TDP to enjoy some power. ONe fine day they revived Telangana issue and started fighting for a cause which was not a cause at all to begin with. These leaders have no vision nor experience to run the state, if granted. In the past 5 years, they did nothing to the region other than shouting seperate Telangana slogans.
Telangana region people voted TRS to power after seeing worst performance by congress and TDP while they were in power. They voted TRS in the hope that this new party will bring in a change. Instead they flaunted the power given to them by people of this region.
They reclessly resigned from their MLA and MP seats several times only to prove that people of the region wanted sepearte Telangana. I should say that TRS mistook for the trust that the people have entrusted them with. While Telangana region people voted for development, they took this to mean as if they supported their cause. They also misread the sentiments of the people this time around and faced huge defeat. They now hold half of what they use to just few months ago.
TRS chief won MP seat by a mere margin of +10,000 votes. This is a shame on the part of TRS chief Chandrasekhar rao. When this MP goes to parliament, he will be laughed at.
BJP party is the biggest looser among all of them as they sided with TRS in their seperate Telangana cause with their own agenda.

Politicians are chamelons (chameleons) and Telegana byepolls proved it.

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